Thursday, October 29, 2009

Miscellaneous Friday: Movies I Wouldn't Watch; Creamed Spinach and SheMales.

When daylight savings ends, I always feel like I'm in my coffin and somebody is lowering the lid. With that cheerful thought, I have only scattered last comments before the light goes away -- perhaps forever.

Movies I Would Never Watch

With two broken bones, I had the unfortunate experience of spending months laying on the sofa unable to do much of anything except be pissed off at the world. So I would read in the morning until my eyes gave out. And then: TV.

I realized that even in my desperate hours, incapable of reading, no one around to talk with, nothing but my foul mood for company, even then there were some movies on TV that I would never watch.

For example, I would never watch any movie that is described in the on-line listings with the following words:

"A heartfelt true story...."

"This third sequel..."

"Tom Cruise ...."

"Sincere but ambitious tale..."

"Inspiring story of ...."

"Tepid re-make of...."

"Scene-for-scene remake of...."

"Star vehicle for Madonna...."

"Gruesome and brutal...."

"Epic war story..."

"Cautionary tale ..."

Food That You Shouldn't Eat

Creamed spinach. What's the point? Assuming the green vegetable is good for you, what do you really think happens when you smother it in butter and cream?

And if you like cream, why waste it by putting it on spinach? Keep it separate, fill it with sugar and whip it then eat it on top of the pecan-chocolate pie that you sneak at night after everyone else has gone to bed.

Anchovies on pizza. I mean come on already with the pizza-schmeetza stuff. Pizza should be dough baked in the oven with red sauce on it with mozzarella cheese, maybe some pepperoni. Black olives if you really like extra-salt. Everybody used to know what pizza was. In fact, it was so simple, you could just say "Let's get some pizza," and the only question anyone would ask was "do you want pepperoni on half of it?" That was it. Simple, quick, no confusion, no democratic debate, no heart-healthy low-sodium California Cuisine bull. Pizza.

No more. Now it's complicated, cute, and expensive. When you say pizza, who knows what it means? Sometimes it's dough without any sauce. Plain dough. Sometimes they bar-be-que the dough, so it comes to the table with grill marks on it. That costs extra. Lots extra. Don't bother asking for a coke-and-a-slice because nobody knows what it means. Bar-be-qued dough with some chicken pieces scattered on top of it, over the grill marks, then a green salad dumped on top of the whole thing. Excuse me, but that's not pizza. Is everyone so stupid that they don't know what pizza is anymore?

Boxed vegetables. Think about it. The benefit of vegetables is that they are full of vitamins and anti-oxidents. If you eat them, you can live longer without cancer. That's the pretty well-established fact. They grow in dirt, in what is known as a "garden." They do not grow in cardboard. They don't belong in cardboard. You might as well store them in the toilet tank, then pull them out and slap them on a plate right before dinner. Vegetables belong in a garden, or fresh in the produce market. You can keep them in the refrigerator for awhile. Not inside cardboard on a shelf. Crackers go inside cardboard. Sometimes cereal does. But not vegetables.

And just because they say it's "vegetables," you shouldn't be so stupid to believe it's true. When they say 3-5 per day, then some corporation puts commercials on TV telling you to hook your kids up to an IV drip of sugar water because it's "full" of vegetables -- don't believe them. It's sugar water, and it's not good. Vegetables do not come from an IV drip. Wait till your kids are sick from their terrible diets of sugar water and bar-be-qued dough, then they can have the IV drip. For now, feed them real vegetables. Real fruit. The kind you have to chew.

Oh yeah, and catsup isn't a vegetable. That's just something Ronald Reagan said because the Republicans didn't want taxes used to feed poor kids vegetables. So they said a plastic pack of catsup was a "vegetable" when it comes to poor kids. That was a lie. Republicans are so stupid as a rule, and Reagan had dementia, but even if they wanted to argue the point, catsup is made from tomato, and tomatoes are a fruit, not a vegetable, F-ing morons. Even if they wanted to go into that level of stupidity. Maybe they could have said pickle relish was a vegetable because it's made from cucumbers.

Gender Reassignment

"Gender Reassignment." Ain't no such thing.

There's been a lot of press coverage this week of Chastity Bono, a girl, daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono. Chastity feels that she should have been born a man. But she wasn't. And the American medical and drug-dealing establishment is selling her, and others like her, on the false belief that they can actually change her gender. But she can't. It's just a deadly illusion.

What actually happens in gender reassignment is that people spend a fortune, often every extra penny they earn for decades, paying the medical industry to perform surgery that will allow them to pretend that they are a different gender. Chastity, a female, just had her breasts removed. I don't know if there is a surgery available to create a penis on a woman, but if there is, I'm sure it costs a lot. I know men who believe they should have been born female can have breast implants, hormone injections to make them "look" more female, laser treatments to get rid of their facial hair, surgery to remove their penis and even surgically construct a vagina.

They all take massive quantities of hormones in an effort to trick their bodies into appearing more like the opposite gender. Chastity is taking hormones which are lowering her voice and creating male growth-pattern facial hair. Hormones have been tied to heart attacks, stroke, death, and cancer. The idea of the medical industry selling this illusion that people actually can change their gender, when it is premised on a lifetime of injecting massive quantities of hormones, and people spending every penny they earn on medical procedures, so the doctors and drug dealers can get even richer still, is criminal.

How many transvestites or transgenders even fool the public, assuming that may be a goal? Most people realize that the 6' person with long hairy arms and the dress on isn't really a female, it's just a male who is wearing a dress.

Wouldn't the healthier move be to just say that if a woman wants to dress and act like a man, she can, and she doesn't have to mutilate her body and subject herself to these gruesome medical experiments that will likely kill her?

All women are pushed to take hormones to fool their bodies, trick their bodies into believing they are younger. They are encouraged to have repeated surgeries, breast implants, nose reduction, cheek implants (top and bottom), lipo suction, fat removed from one place then injected into another, plastic tubes injected into their lips to make them look "sexy."

But here's the thing. Why is it that the powerless segments of society are targeted by the medical industry and the centers of power to encourage them to turn themselves into medical experiments to try to look a certain way, to try to fool everyone about who it is they really are and what it is they really look like? Why shouldn't a 60 year old woman have wrinkles and be happy about it?

Why shouldn't a woman like Chastity Bono, or anyone else with gender conflicts, just go ahead and dress like a man, take a man's name if she wants, date women, marry a woman, do whatever she wants in her life, as she is and who she is, without having to participate in this gruesome process of medically changing every single part of herself? Who is it she's fooling? She believes that once all these procedures are completed she will "really" be a man? But she won't. She was born a woman, and she will die a woman. The question is, why isn't she allowed, as a woman, to choose to dress and act and date and love and marry whoever she wants? Why does she require surgery and drugs? As if that makes it okay, instead of making it just disgusting and possibly deadly.

I have never known a person who had plastic surgery who wasn't ultimately hoping that it would make them be loved, be accepted by others in general, and by someone special. That if only they could get rid of the big nose, or the fat, or have big cheeks or lips or large breasts or a smaller waist or flatter stomach, then they would finally be loved, finally be accepted, and not have to spend every day of their lives feeling bad, sometimes humiliated about themselves, believing themselves to be so inadequate that it would be impossible for anyone to ever really love them.

The solution to this is not surgery and drugs. That's just typical capitalist bull: buy more and you'll feel better. The solution is maybe being honest, addressing the feelings, good friends, perhaps a loving family, and a decent and accepting community.

What happens when they find out that the same people in the public who hated and detested them before, still do? Will anyone do studies to find out how young the transgenders die because of the hormones they take? Or how many commit suicide because they eventually realize that you can never really "change" your gender? Does anyone care?

The same hormones and "growth" formulas that kill the athletes will end up killing these transgenders. The illusion of "really" changing gender is mostly a sales pitch made up by the medical establishment to make them even richer.

Is Chastity Bono really any different from the gruesome "Catwoman" that is shown on TV entertainment shows as a cautionary example of someone who's had too much plastic surgery? Or the anorexics who look in the mirror and hate their bodies? Is this really any different? Except that the medical industry saw a way to make a ton of money by using these people?

If Chastity wants to dress in men's clothes and date women, or love and marry a woman, it's perfectly okay with me. But I don't think she should be having surgery and injecting herself with hormones, because she's going to kill herself by doing that. I think she should go ahead and live her life as she really is. Which apparently is as a woman who likes to dress in men's clothes, act like a man. Which is fine and probably within the range of normal human behavior. Probably every country has people who feel like this. Why should they be expected to surgically alter themselves? Why doesn't everyone else just learn to be more tolerant?

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