Friday, October 30, 2009

Evidence In Support Of The Theory That Men Don't Mature, They Just Get Older. Halloween Costumes. And Speaking Of The Catholic Decency League....

I saw some guy named Ed something, Ed The Catholic, on a TV show. There was a panel discussing a bit from Larry David's show where Larry is urinating and accidentally splashes on a picture of Jesus, then the devout believe Larry's urine is actually the picture-Jesus weeping.

Anyway, this Ed guy was from the Catholic League, or the Catholic Decency League, one of those groups that patrols the world looking out for people who defame the Catholics, or attacking books and movies that they (in their esteemed talentless ignorance) deem unworthy, or inappropriate for viewing or reading. A censorship squad manned by the institution world-renowned for protecting pedophiles, sacrificing generations of young children to the sickness of some of their sexually-deviant priests, and instilling generations of men with a hatred and fear of everything associated with the female body. Them.

I couldn't help but wonder why Ed The Catholic didn't take the opportunity of being on national TV to warn the world that One Billion People are now starving because of the money stolen by the Wall Street Criminals, why Ed The Catholic didn't stand up and chant the name and address of institutions to whom people should send money to help feed the starving people of the world, why Ed The Catholic didn't demand that our government arrest, indict, prosecute, imprison the Wall Street criminals and seize their assets, redistribute them to the poor.

Why didn't Ed The Catholic talk about something that mattered, instead of just whining about Larry David's urine joke? Actually Ed The Catholic is a good example of why the Catholic Church is completely irrelevant in today's world. They obsess about sex and bodily functions, waffle on issues like pedophilia, pretend a big percentage of their priests aren't gay when they are, and everyone knows it, and most people don't care, and remain silent on the significant issues of poverty, inequality, theft, and the criminal silence of the world in the face of the starvation of One Billion People. Call me, Ed, next time you're going to be on TV. I'll give you a list of some important things that you should discuss.

Below are quite a few Halloween costumes in very bad taste (and a few that are just funny).
I dedicate the priest/pedophile-costume to Ed so he has something else to whine about on TV:

(Former Hooters Workers):

(Siamese Twins):

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