Thursday, October 15, 2009

National League Pennant Race: The Big Blue Wrecking Crew vs. The Philly Cheesesteak Eaters

The National League Pennant race begins tonight in Los Angeles with the Dodgers taking on the Philadelphia Phillies, and whipping their asses. It is unfortunate for the Phillies, but they must lose so that the nation can have a Dodgers-Yankees World Series.

But the Phillies have a good baseball team, they've had a good year, and the city of Philadelphia has the honor of being one of the culinary capitals of the U.S.

Didn't know that, did you?

If you thought that the Yankees and the Red Sox were an intense rivalry, or the U.S. Civil War pitted brother against brother in a bloody battle, or that Leno vs. Letterman tested the loyalties of real Americans, then you've probably never heard of the Pat's vs. Geno's Philly Cheesesteak War in that great city of Philadelphia, the city that is sending their team to Los Angeles to be badly beaten, then sent home as the team that could'a been contenders.

But one thing they have in Philadelphia that nobody can take away from them (in addition to that cracked bell) is the great honor of being the city that invented the Philly Cheesesteak. The two top contenders who claim to make the best Philly Cheesesteak sit on opposite corners in South Philly, a decades-long rivalry for the throne: Pat's and Geno's.

Some people claim that Pat's, the original, makes the better Philly Cheesesteak because they use the "real" Cheez Whiz, not the artificial kind. But it's a subject of controversy.

Go Dodgers!


  1. so sorry, 14 hits and 6 runs just could'nt get it done but 7 walks,3 wild
    pitches did. joe t will have to accept this one. and for those cheesesteaks,
    tasty for sure,just keep your butt within 25 feet of a can! you can trust me
    on this one. and what about tastycakes for dessert? so game 2 puts padilla
    against the savior, as he was known in boston. i go with la on this one but the dodgers must find a spot for my main man juan pierre
    go dodgers! your favorite giants fan

  2. You can't blame the offense, that's for sure. Both teams played good games, but somebody has to lose -- every time. Unless it's a rainout. My upbeat positive outlook is this: it will go the full 7 games to make it even more exciting, but the Dodgers will still win the pennant and be in the World Series against the Yankees. It must be so.

    It seems a little unfair that the Phillies have God as their starting pitcher tonight, as an old Red Sox fan I know used to call Pedro Martinez. But the last time Padilla pitched he was in the zone, nobody could hit him, so I have full confidence tonight will be a win for the Dodgers.

    As for the Yankees/Angels, is it raining in New York? Hope not.

    I don't know how the managers stand the stress because it's unbearable for a fan. Go Dodgers. Go Yankees.

  3. now really, if you were paid millions to manage a team of wealthy guys i
    think you would manage the stress. managers never quit they get fired
    and still get their dough. game 2 was great drama a classic. padilla and
    martinez stole the show and my man juan pierre scores the tying run!
    now on to filthy philly, what are we going to do about manny bollywood?
    j torre says they can win without his bat. i say is put j pierre in left and
    his energy will drive philly fans crazy. go l.a.
    your favorite giants fan