Saturday, March 21, 2009

Never Ever Ever Say "Special Olympics" Without Kneeling, Bowing Your Head, and Doing The Sign Of The Cross.

I'm sorry, I don't buy it. This whole nonsensical uproar we've heard in the last two days because Obama made a joke that his bowling is so bad, it maybe belongs in the Special Olympics.

And OH MY GOD. You'd have thought he'd murdered a million people, like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did.

And OH MY GOD. You'd have thought he'd just looted and bankrupted the entire country, raped, pillaged, decimated our economy and left our people broke, homeless, unemployed, desperate, in despair, like the Wall Street Criminals and the Financial Cartels have done.

And OH MY GOD. You'd think he'd done nothing but peddle his cute little ass for the past 8 years like every single person in Congress does, sashaying around with their cheap perfume and easy ways, standing on streetcorners and yelling out at CEOs who pass by: "Hey Sailor, Want To Have A Good Time?" Then taking the money, sticking it up their secret accounts, going back to Congress and voting to betray the citizens and the public again and again and again, without remorse. You'd think he was like those criminals and whores who unfortunately are "Our" Senators and "Our" Representatives.

And OH MY GOD. You'd think he'd casually threatened, for political advantage, to annihilate and obliterate another country, an unpopular one, like Hillary Clinton did.

And when someone read the "Newspaper" to Sarah Palin, and she heard President Obama had used the term "special olympics," she immediately figured he must be talking about her, so she got all up in arms about that, insisting that anyone who is in the Special Olympics is the most important person in the entire country. Oh, give it a rest lady.

It's not the Olympics. These people will never be in the Olympics. It's more like Little League. If Obama had said it looked like he was in Little League, would we have heard this nonsense? Of course not.

People got all up in arms because they like to pretend that we are such a compassionate and sensitive nation, that we cherish, protect, care for every retarded and disabled person in the country. But of course that's just silly. For the most part, once their parents die, if they are unable to care for themselves, they'll end up in some dirty institution, tied to a bed, hidden away from polite society because people always demonstrate and protest when anyone wants to build "housing" for "special needs" people in their neighborhood. No, must put those "special" people in the ghetto. And the citizens also cheer when the politicians slash the budget for public assistance. "Get a job," they scream at the disabled and incompetent. Sure, we're as compassionate as an executioner.

We, as a nation, do not care for anyone. Sink or swim. Steal, lie, cheat, deceive, betray. Murder.

One million Iraqis murdered.

Four million Iraqis forced out of their homes, out of their country, refugees in a hostile world.

30% of black American men unemployed, and nobody gives a shit. Maybe they're not "special" enough for the Republicans.

Millions of Americans thrown out of work by American businesses which are sending their jobs to Asia to be done by child and slave labor. And nobody cares. Maybe unemployed Americans aren't "special" enough.

Millions of Americans' retirement and savings stolen by Wall Street, yet all we hear from Republicans is a strident defense of the right of those criminals to receive their multi-million dollar bonuses. I'm going to guess there's a kick-back involved to the politicians. With their perfumed little asses peddled all over Wall Street for a buck.

Don't tell me that the churches help, because it's not enough. Don't tell me some individual put a dime into a bucket at Christmas because it's not enough. Don't tell me about a thousand points of light, because you can't eat light.

Our country, since the Reagan era, with the full-throttled support of Bill Clinton, and through Bush the Moron, has completely disassembled the entire social-safety network that used to exist to help and protect and provide care for "special" Americans along with the rest of us. We are not compassionate, and we do not care. Sarah Palin doesn't care about anything except money and her own ambition. She carried that kid around the campaign trail like a sack of potatoes, so please, cut the crap.

"Special" or not, when the cameras move on, and the hysteria dies down, most Americans will be left to fall, starve, die in the gutter without one bit of assistance from any Republican. And not too much from any Democrat either.

That's why we need "Change."

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