Tuesday, March 10, 2009

IMF Warns Of "Great Recession." Is That Like The Great Pumpkin?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (where Wolfowitz was put in charge as a reward for being such a scum bucket, and where he stashed his girlfriend on the payroll until he got caught) were originally set up with the best of intentions. The idea was that these international monetary institutions would provide loans to poor countries to help them with major infrastructure improvements to help the entire country, such as building roads, sanitation systems, water delivery, utilities, airports. Over time, both institutions were taken over by the same types of criminals who have been running Wall Street, and were turned into vulture funds. Instead of helping countries, they move in when things get tough, take control of all the resources, then "loan" money to the third world at usurious interest rates. Most of the money they loan is to puppet regimes installed by western nations, who steal the money, hide it in offshore accounts, then flee the country. You know -- just like the people in our country have done.

The IMF "announced" today that we're all in deep doo-doo. They "warned" that the economy looks bad. We Might be facing a recession. A really big one. They called it a "Great Recession." Is that like the Great Pumpkin?

Don't we all know by now, can't we just stipulate, that the economy of the world is in ruins? A few criminals in the major financial institutions, mostly in the U.S., have committed a criminal conspiracy, a heist, have defrauded the public and much of the world, stolen all our money, and hidden it in off-shore private equity funds. Now they're just waiting for the heat to die down so they can move in and start spending all the money they stole, such as by buying up our freeways then charging everyone money everytime they use it. Buying up all our nation's water, buying our ports and airports and schools. Maybe they'll buy our entire military and use it to defend themselves against an angry populice.

But I think one thing is clear: the world's economy has been ruined.

The only question that remains is what should we do now, immediately.
I favor show trials and mass executions. But some people say that's just too Stalinist of me.

These same people would cheer the execution of a mentally retarded black man in Alabama who might be innocent, but is too impaired to help with his own defense, and too poor to get a good lawyer. But they chastise me for wanting to hunt down every person who worked on Wall Street, in every major financial institution, drag them out, have a mass trial on TV, and firing squads for everyone who has participated in the biggest financial crime ever in the history of the world. I want my money back, and I want revenge.

But let's say we put off, for now, the issue of revenge which, it has been said, is a dish best served cold. We can savor the thought of it, but immediately take on whatever is needed to save ourselves. Isn't that the immediate task? What do we need to do to save ourselves?

The Republicans want the country to fail. They are representing the Wall Street Criminals who have stolen all the money, and are just waiting for us all to be in the gutter, hungry, homeless, desperate, so they can move in and buy up everything cheap. Then they'll turn around and sell it back to us in 10 years. Just watch. That's their plan.

But for the rest of us, who don't want our country to fail, don't want the rest of the world to fail, what should we do to avoid the breadlines, to stop our country from plunging into a ten-year 1930's style Great Depression?

It seems apparent to me that Obama is doing what he thinks, in good faith, is the right thing to do, as follows:

1. Try to prop up the banks to prevent complete collapse of the financial system.

2. Implement a massive spending program to create jobs.

3. Extend unemployment insurance and Cobra for those already out of work.

4. Prop up the people in foreclosure to try to stop the complete collapse of the housing market.

5. Push through some kind of healthcare program so we don't have unemployed homeless people dropping dead in all our cities, falling in the gutters for the little children to see on the way to their overcrowded schoolrooms.

This sounds to me like an intelligent plan. Maybe for the rest of us, we can try to come up with something for us to do, while we're waiting for the show trials and mass executions, such as:

6. Give to the local food banks. Hold fundraisers for the local food banks. Or, hold fundraisers for a local umbrella organization that supports shelters and food banks.

7. Get up in the face of the Republicans. They are trying to spread fascism, are encouraging violence against Obama and all non-whites, are trying to stir up hatred in the people of this country to keep us divided, to prevent the country from being able to survive. The only way to confront this level of evil is to get up in their faces whenever the opportunity arises.

8. Support the pro-labor efforts of others, such as the employee free choice act. Support and try to assist unions, even if you're not a member. And push for democracy and a leveling of the top-tier union salaries to bring them down closer to most working people, because that seems to be the biggest source of corruption in the unions: too much money for the union bosses.

We don't know whether any of this will succeed. But it just makes sense the way Obama is approaching it. And nobody else is contributing any ideas to help. So maybe the citizens can do a little something at the local level to try to help those suffering the most from the Bush-Cheney Depression. And hope for the best.

(Article link below): The head of the IMF said today that since January, the news has been bad, and they are now saying that we have entered a Great Recession.

The World Bank said this week that the global economy will shrink this year for the first time since World War II. Way to go Bush and Cheney, you've destroyed the economy of the entire world. The World Bank also said that they predicted trade would fall to its lowest point in 80 years. I'm actually in favor of that. We need to cut back on the trade. Let each country grow their own food, make their own clothes, use what they have instead of importing stuff from other countries. The entire world and our environment would be so much better off.

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