Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Republicans Want Obama To Fail So The Private Secret Off-Shore Billionaire Equity Funds Can Buy Up Everything In This Country In A Firesale.

Limbaugh's mantra, now followed by most Republicans, is that he hopes Obama fails. No stimulus, do nothing to help the people, do nothing to save jobs. Just let the entire nation collapse and become a failed state without any funds for the government to do its job. Gangs will control the streets with automatic weapons (like in Mexico) and the only "enterprise" will be criminal. No schools, no cops, no sanitation, no water, no trash pick-up. Nothing but misery and desperation. There will be no laws, just a ruthless deadly piece of land where people die fighting for a bite to eat.

Who would want such a thing? The Republicans would. Remember, Milton Friedman is the god of gods for the Republicans, and he preached throughout his career that the government should have nothing and do nothing. He believed governments should be eliminated and replaced by corporations. You know how those CEOs are so good at running things. Into the ground. If the country is broke enough, the government will be forced to sell off everything: the streets, the highways, the water, the oceanfront, lakes, schools, airports, everything, to private buyers.

Most of the rich people in this country have been robbing us blind during the Bush years, looting the treasury, looting every business they touch, lying about their earnings, not paying taxes, then hiding their money overseas, taking it out of here in private jets and piling it up in secret locations outside the U.S. What do they want to do with that money? Buy everything. Own everything.

Do you want a drink of water? Are you thirsty? Is your child thirsty? Can you imagine all the water in the country being owned by some corporation that will charge for every drop. Thirsty? That will be $5.00. Want to take a bath? $30.00. No more toilet flushing, clothes washing.

This is exactly what has happened in every country that has been taken over by Milton Friedman cultists, such as Chile, Argentina, the former Soviet Union, South Africa: everything the state owns is taken by a small wealthy elite, and then they turn around and charge the citizens a fortune just for the right to breathe air. They call it "privitazation." I call it theft, and fascism. When the government turns the control of the people and the resources over to corporate control, that's fascist enough for me.

That's why Limbaugh is pushing for the country to fail. After all, his sponsors are the same corporations that would profit from the complete failure of the country. What is the definition of treason? Is rooting for your country to be destroyed good enough?

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