Monday, March 2, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Wants The United States To Fail.

Some people have proclaimed Rush Limbaugh to be the new Quarterback for the conservatives and the Republican Party. I don't think so. This man was born a waterboy, and shall die one as well. But the fact that the politicians in the Republican party listen to this guy just shows how corrupt, stupid, and moronic these Republicans are.

Rush Limbaugh is either a college drop-out (after 2 semesters) or a flunk-out. He avoided service in Vietnam. Rush chose not to sign up to serve his country. Perhaps that was because he came from an exceedingly privileged background, from a long line of lawyers and judges. His own academic failures must have been a source of tremendous humiliation for his parents.

Rush Limbaugh has been married and divorced three times already. Is that "family values?" He not only is a drug addict, but he used his maid to score drugs for him. And apparently because the Republicans run the criminal injustice system in Florida, Rush got a pay raise ($33 million/year) instead of a prison term when he was nailed for purchasing drugs illegally, and should have been nailed for running a drug operation out of his home.

So exactly what qualifies Rush Limbaugh to become the leader of the Republican Party, the spokesperson for everything right-wing, waterboy for the conservatives, cheerleader for those who enjoy ridiculing people with disabilities, fund-raiser for the right, chief promoter of hatred of women and minorities. Why is it that this man can publicly say that he wants the United States to fail, at a moment when our economy is a disaster after years of Republican plundering, when millions of Americans have lost their jobs and are close to being broke, why can this man stand up publicly and cheer for the complete failure of our country, and yet continue to receive support from Republicans?

If Rush did not have a face for radio, he probably would have run for political office and lost, and maybe the world would have been rid of him. But knowing that he was only a waterboy at heart, a seller of propaganda, sower of hatred and division, Rush stuck to radio where he sends out a message of hatred to his rabid followers and uses his best efforts to cheer on the total destruction of our country.

But he is not original in this. He is at best a cheap copy of a man who first invented the idea of using the radio to try to bring about the destruction of the U.S. Father Coughlin.

Right-wing hate radio was first invented and made profitable back in the 1930s, by another ignorant white man named Father Coughlin, a Catholic priest who loved Hitler and Mussolini and hated Jews, and had tens of millions of loyal American followers who tuned in every week to listen to his hate radio.
Father Charles Edward Coughlin was a Catholic priest born in Canada, but assigned to a parish in Michigan for most of his working life. He became very well known in the 1930s due to his radio program which was estimated to have reached forty million listeners per week. He initially supported Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal, but soon switched his position and began supporting Nazi views including anti-Semitism, and other policies of Hitler and Mussolini. He preached anti-communism and "Christian" values, which included a support for the fascists. Deja vu all over again.

He was an isolationist, along with Charles Lindbergh, and opposed the U.S. getting involved in any way in supporting European allies against the spread of the fascists. He was rabidly anti-communist, and used that to justify supporting fascism. He echoed the speeches of Goebbels in attacking Jews, athiests and communists, and claiming they were responsible for communism and the destruction of capitalism (as well as being responsible for capitalism, in an odd contradiction that apparently was not a concern to this ignorant man). He quoted Goebbels in his speeches and writings. He reportedly began using the Nazi salute at public gatherings. Not surprisingly, he was very popular with the German-American bund, a social-political organization of German immigrants that openly supported the Nazis.

Two weeks after Jewish homes, businesses, synagogues, and persons were attacked in Kristallnacht, Father Coughlin claimed that "Jewish persecution only followed after Christians first were persecuted." This is, of course, the exact same propaganda that is put out by the right wing in this country, always claiming "Christians" are under attack, and using that as justification to attack and murder others. His supporters opposed any efforts to allow Jewish refugees from Germany to come to the U.S. [Although if Roosevelt or Congress had wanted, they could have landed anyway. This blame must be shared by the people in power].

Coughlin became a supporter, and was partially responsible for the creation, of an organization called the Christian Front. No, I’m not kidding. Sounds like something Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson would have put together. Oh that’s right – they did. Christian Coalition. Anyway, the Christian Front was eventually shut down when the FBI discovered that the group was arming its members and planning to murder Jews, communists, and politicians, and to establish a dictatorship inside the U.S. similar to Hitler’s dictatorship in Germany. Don’t you love the Christians.

Why the Catholic church didn’t shut him up is a subject of controversy, much like the question of why the Catholic church failed to tell its followers throughout Europe that they must stand up against the slaughter of Jews. The church’s version, not surprisingly, is that they couldn’t, for some reason. Others claim the church did nothing because the church’s official view was consistent with the anti-Semitism being preached by the bigoted padre. And it probably was a great fund-raising tool.
After the U.S. was attacked in Pearl Harbor, Father Coughlin and his followers became less popular because they were perceived as supporting the enemy. Finally, in 1942, the Catholic church ordered Father Coughlin to shut down. And he did. See Pope? It wasn’t that hard after all. If only the church had stood up to Hitler a little bit sooner.

Anyway, Rush Limbaugh didn't invent the idea of hating the United States and wishing for it to fail. He's just a johnny-come-lately, a cheap imitation of the madman who started the whole thing: Father Coughlin.

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