Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scumbag Millionaires.

The money of all the working people in the world has been stolen by the banks, the financial cartels, and the rich. We need to go back it back.

AIG Bonuses: it's not confusing. Congress is feigning shock: "Oh my God, we gave away 700 Billion Dollars, No Strings Attached, and "those" people just took the money and spent it." Of course they did. That's the point. They've taken all the money out of the banks and out of Wall Street, hidden it offshore in secret private equity accounts so they could go to Congress and say "Eke, eke, we're broke," and see if the corrupt money-whores in Congress who are on Wall Street's payroll would actually give them more money. And it worked.

I say this: either Congress goes and drags those silk-shirt-wearing AIG criminals into prison and leaves them there to rot, or Congress should pay the people back the money they stole from us. From their personal secret off-shore private equity accounts, where they hide the bribes they're not supposed to be taking. One way or the other.

I don't think Congress is that weak or confused. I think they're just corrupt.

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