Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Good Citizens of Calagary Throw Shoes At George W. Bush

If this keeps up, I think George is going to get a new nick-name. Which might be better for him. Instead of "the Idiot President" for example, he might become "George the Shoe Guy." Or even cooler, like he was on the Sopranos, he might be called "Georgie Shoes." Let's see: George W. Bush murdered over a million Iraqis and he goes to expensive lunches to amuse his upper-class criminal friends around the world. And the Iraqi who threw a shoe at this monster gets 3 years in prison. We know what's wrong with this picture.

George W. Bush traveled to Calgary, Canada yesterday to speak to members of the upper-class in a private lunch from which the public was barred. But the good citizens of our neighbor to the North gathered outside with signs and jeers that they did not want this war criminal in their town.

The Canadian Press
"CALGARY -- George W. Bush wooed a packed crowd at a private luncheon in Calgary with his trademark folksy charm, while hundreds of protesters outside hurled insults and shoes at the former U.S. president's image. "

Signs included "No to U.S. Crimes Against Humanity," "Indict Bush For War Crimes," "Canada Is Not Bush Country," ane "Shoe Him The Door" -- a reference to the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoe at Bush during a news conference in Baghdad in December.

One man was arrested for throwing a flip-flop -- a two-dollar plastic go-ahead shoe -- at a building. Who arrested him? The fashion police?

One protester, who told CBC News he was "making a statement," tossed a plastic flip-flop sandal, which hit a building. Police handcuffed him and put him inside a police van.

"What are you doing arresting that man? The criminal is inside," shouted a protester while others chanted, "Let him go."

"I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to publicly voice my displeasure with the American foreign policy" under Bush, said Jeff Gaillus, who was carrying a rod with a shoe at the end of it. "I'm not sure what he has to tell us to shed wisdom on the future of the planet."

I guess no one told the protestors about Georgie Shoes' "folksy charm." I wonder if the one million dead Iraqis think he's cute, or the four million Iraqi refugees driven from their country think he's "folksy." I wonder how many people in the world will dare to refer to some "folksy charm" of this monster as the horrors of his destruction of the world economy become clear. How many people have to starve to death before the press stops covering up for this man, and somebody finally arrests him.

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