Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We Love Our President

NBC News and the Wall Street Journal just released their most recent poll which shows that Obama’s popularity is soaring, and the Republicans remain in the gutter where they belong. Some of the amazing results are as follows:

President Obama

68% have a favorable opinion of Obama.
67% feel hopeful about Obama’s leadership.
60% approve of the job Obama is doing.
57% support the current stimulus package.
76% believe the economy will continue falling for some period of time (so they don’t expect Obama to save the country from the Bush-Cheney recession within a month of his taking office, but think he will succeed in time).
84% believe Obama inherited these economic problems from Bush and Vcheney.
67% think Obama has at least a year to try to improve the economy before it stops being a Bush-Cheney problem and starts becoming an Obama problem.


Only 26% have a positive view of the Republican Party.
56% believe Bush and Cheney are entirely or mostly to blame for the partisanship in Congress. 41% blame Congressional Republicans.
56% believe the Republican opposition to Obama is “just politics,” not based on principles.

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