Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday News Shows: The New Place For Post-Election Humor

We've had such great humor this election season. Stewart and Colbert were hysterical. Letterman throughout but particularly after McCain's no-show. Bill Maher had his best season ever. And SNL continues to amaze: how can they keep being this good so many years after they were first started?

So on election night, even though I rejoiced at the triumph of Obama and the Democrats taking control of Congress, a little part of me was mourning the loss of all this great 2008 Election humor.

I need not have worried.

I watched parts of many of the Sunday morning talk shows, and laughed my head off. Who knew Republicans were so funny?

The first group I saw, apparently a new comedy troupe, called themselves "Americans For Workers Rights," and "Jobs Now." Their slogan is "No Jobs, No Peace." When the pre-commercial blurb announced this new group would be on next I thought: Oh boy, the workers are getting organized. So when they came back after the break, I was surprised to see a bunch of white middle-aged men in expensive suits sitting on the set sipping imported coffee. Their spokesperson discussed the plight of unemployed Americans, and the need to pass a law guaranteeing job security. These people want 5 years of unemployment compensation at 100% of the most recent salary. Free medical provided by the government. College for their kids: completely at taxpayer expense. Retraining.

And I thought okay, these guys are really militant.

But then I looked down at the caption on the bottom of my TV screen, and it said: Former Republican Congressional Members Demand Rights.

So, I guess that whole "unemployment" issue looks different when you're sitting pretty, making lots of money, living the good life. Too late to the party guys, that ship has sailed. Good-bye and no good luck to any of you.

And then the second show I watched which had me in stitches had a whole panel full of Republicans advising Obama on what he should do for the economy. Really. I mean with straight faces. They said things like he better not raise taxes on rich people because if he did that, it might hurt American businesses. (Oh no, that was Bush's job -- he's the one that sent so many American businesses into the toilet or into the bankruptcy courts. It's the one task he successfully completed). And it could also increase unemployment. (They actually said that). Then they warned against any stimulus which would give money to the American public because -- get this -- Obama should avoid running up any debt. These people are a riot. I wonder if they're going to have a regular show on the Comedy Channel.

After that, I was laughing so hard I did not even bother turning on Fixed News ("Don't worry about the news -- we'll never report what it is") and the "No-Truth Zone." I'd had enough fun for one day.

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