Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Highway Robbery, Not A "Bailout."

Photo from Flickr, "The Scattered Image."

Paulson to Congress: I want $750 billion in small unmarked bills. Wrap them into seven separate packages with $100 billion each, and one small package of $50 billion. Put them all into two nondescript suitcases on wheels, matching, with a name tag saying "John Q. Public."

Congress to Paulson: Okay.

Paulson to Congress: Go to Grand Central, main concourse, to the information booth. Look for the brass clock. Leave the bags there. Walk away. DO NOT LOOK BACK. NO QUESTIONS. Return to your homes and offices. You will be contacted with further instructions.

Congress to Paulson: Okay.

Public to Congress: A "bailout" is when you take up a collection to help out a neighbor in trouble. $750 billion is in another category altogether. More like "The Crime Of The Century."

Do we have to throw every last one of you out of office in order to stop the looting of our country? Was anyone paying attention last week to the election results? Don't you politicians realize how angry the public is about the collaborative thieving going on between the federal government and their generous friends on Wall Street? Have all the politicians just spent the past week drinking Cristal champagne at one of the lavish AIG parties being thrown (at taxpayers' expense) at the most expensive resorts in the country? Or maybe doing straight shots and yelling "Let Them Eat Cake."

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