Sunday, November 23, 2008

Globalism Is The New Mob -- But Without The Charm And Sentiment

I see George W. Bush is spending his last days in office stridently warning the American workers, now unemployed broke and homeless, that "protectionism," the doctrine that American jobs should be protected, American workers should be protected against criminals and predators -- that protectionism is what they must fear more than anything else. And it occurred to me that "protectionism" is now the new communism, or maybe it's the successor to islamo-fascism, or possibly related to "defeatism" -- those who oppose idiotic pointless wars -- or could it be cousin to femi-nazism, related to athiesm, or maybe un-Americanism? Why is it they always have to put an "ism" on the end of a word, then turn it into a war and big business. I suppose next they'll tell us that we need a war on "protectionism."

It should be clear by now. Globalism is the new mob. But without the charm and sentiment. We've had 16 years of American presidents -- Clinton and Bush -- pushing onto the American public this twisted idea that we should celebrate and rejoice in the fact that our country is now officially part of the Neo-Slave Treaties -- what they call Free Trade, but what in fact is an international pact among the top 5% of the wealthiest people in the world in which they have agreed that all the rest of us should be slaves with no rights.

Is this an exaggeration? Well, let's think about it. Why would Daddy Bush and the bin Ladens be involved with each other, along with the heads or former heads of many of the wealthiest nations in the world. In what they call the Carlyse Group, a secret organization very generically described as a "private equity fund." Who belongs? They won't tell. Qui bono? Who benefits? They won't tell. What do they do? That's kind of a secret too. Except for the fact that the members are only people with a "high net worth" (their term, not mine), "sophisticated" investors. Which means they set up this secret organization for rich people to hide their wealth and pool it to take advantage of people around the world, try to take all the assets and all the wealth that exists. And because they restrict membership to the select few, there is no oversight by the U.S. federal government.

"The collection of influential characters who now work, have worked, or have invested in the group would make the most convinced conspiracy theorists incredulous. They include among others, John Major, former British Prime Minister; Fidel Ramos, former Philippines President; Park Tae Joon, former South Korean Prime Minister; Saudi Prince Al-Walid; Colin Powell, former Secretary of State; James Baker III, former Secretary of State; Caspar Weinberger, former Defense Secretary; Richard Darman, former White House Budget Director; the billionaire George Soros, and even some bin Laden family members. You can add Alice Albright, daughter of Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State; Arthur Lewitt, former SEC head; William Kennard, former head of the FCC, to this list. Finally, add in the Europeans: Karl Otto Poehl, former Bundesbank president; the now-deceased Henri Martre, who was president of Aerospatiale; and Etienne Davignon, former president of the Belgian Generale Holding Company. " (From "Sourcewatch," link above).

Carlysle is just one of many "private equity groups." They all operate the same. They have as their members people who have insider information not available to the rest of us, along with the influence of their positions inside government, and their contacts, plus a ton of money. Do they support globalism? You bet they do. Their wealth grows, their conduct unregulated and done in secret. To what extent do the private equity funds direct and control the governments of the world? To what extent do these funds only act based upon the goal of maximizing profit with no concern for right or wrong, nationalism, law, or other such quaint concepts.

Who benefitted from the U.S. War on Iraq? The oil companies, for starters. They have gotten from the puppet government in Iraq no-bid contracts saying the U.S. and western oil companies have rights to Iraqi oil "worth billions."

Who else profits? How about Saudi Arabia, or the rich people from that country, also involved in Carlysle. Does it help Saudi Arabia to have their "friend" the U.S. oil companies controlling the Iraq oil? Of course it does. They can work together with their semi-monopoly and charge what they want. Anyone who thinks 2008 prices were high, just wait. It seems that the wealthy supported this war because it allowed them to get even richer. The American public paid for the whole thing by donating our military to act as private police for the oil corporations. And of course the people of Iraq have had their oil stolen by western oil companies, and 1 million people are dead.

Clinton told Americans that we would all benefit from the Neo-Slavery Agreements he was signing. But that's not true. Instead what has happened is that a small group of wealthy people got even richer, and most Americans have suffered economically. Many lost their good-paying jobs and ended up working in jobs where they can barely pay the bills. And now they've lost those jobs as well. During this same time period, most businesses have cut the number of paid holidays for employees, cut and eliminated benefits that used to be routine, and eliminated pensions altogether, while increasing management's share of the take by millions of dollars. The money that came out of the benefits packages previously given to employees went straight into the pockets of the management insiders.

As globalism grows, businesses set up off-shore P.O. boxes and simply stop paying taxes inside the U.S. That, combined with slashed wages for working people and higher unemployment, plus Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy and pointless wars, have served to use up all our country's money plus run up debt that will take generations to repay. The effect? Funding cuts for every single "protection" the government is supposed to provide the public: roads, bridges, education, all gone. Grover Norquist, a Bush insider, said he wanted to shrink the government down to the point that it would fit into a bathtub. If the U.S. government is broke, it is powerless, and there is no one in the world who is able to stop the Globalists from doing whatever they want to do. Wasn't that the goal all along?

What about the private equity groups? We don't know much about them. They can organize off-shore and thereby avoid paying any U.S. taxes, which is an enormous loss of wealth to this country. They can manipulate and control governments simply by bribing them. They have formed their own private corporate paralimitary organization which parallels the U.S. military and will probably steal away the best people, in the form of KBR, Halliburton, and Blackwater, "private" security and implicated in murder of civilians in Iraq. Wait till Blackwater is patrolling the U.S. streets to protect corporations and private equity against the people, killing civilians with immunity -- which is exactly what happened in Iraq. Oh yeah -- they also showed up and began patrolling in New Orleans after Katrina, although it's unclear whether they were brought in by Bush or by private equity. They have effectively silenced the Congress and the white house by paying U.S. politicians enormous bribes. How far have our politicians gone?

The private equity groups are the next step in the triumph of wealth over democracy. People have in the past been ruled by tribes, by kings, by clans, by religions, then by the nation-state. Well, get ready for the private equity rulers, the top richest 5% of the world, from every country, loyal to no nation, tied to no place, invisible, faceless, but having all the money and all the power, destroying governments either by militarily overthrowing them, by death squads, or simply by starving the country of all money so the government has no funds.

Let's think about this. Let's say the upper management in some large Wall Street institution pays themselves millions in bonuses and then secretly puts their personal money into a private equity fund. Then they learn of a great opportunity. Do they give that to their company where they are salaried? Or do they give it to the private equity firm where they will reap enormous profits? Is it really any wonder that the financial institutions are claiming to be broke when the insiders looted them over the past many years? During the past few years, most of the top management in most U.S. corporations started paying themselves tens of millions, in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars as "bonuses," and "golden parachutes." Where do you think they put their money? Private equity funds?

To whom does a private equity firm owe loyalty? It's not tied to any country. No patriotism clouds their decisions. When the former president of the U.S. is involved in Carlysle along with the bin Ladens of Saudi Arabia, there is no loyalty to the U.S. in how they move around the trillions of dollars in secret wealth that they have hidden in these private equity funds. And how can a former president and former top-level employees of our government make money off of the destruction of their own country? Have they no loyalty? Remember, globalism is dedicated to crushing American workers to the point that they are "competitive" with third world workers [meaning as poor as third world workers] so capital can roam freely from country to country and never have to pay much to get work done.

It isn't just George H.W. Bush the former president who is involved. Unfortunately the investors and members are a "secret." They won't tell us. Just like Paulson and Bernanke won't tell us who they gave that $350 billion to. Did they give it to foreign countries, or businesses in foreign countries? What about the car bailout? Why would anyone think that these auto companies have any loyalty to the U.S.? What if we give them $25 billion, but they nonetheless shut down the factories and move the jobs to Brazil, as one Brazilian spokesperson said was already in the works? [GM Brazil-Mercosur President Jaime Ardila was quoted as saying GM plans to invest $1 billion worth of the American tax-dollar bailout money they expect to get to beef up their manufacturing facilities in Brazil. Why is Congress so stupid, or so corrupt, or so unwilling to do anything to save our country, to "protect" the people of the United States?

Let's talk about Congress and the corruption. They take money. They all do. They take money, then they vote as instructed by the people who gave them money.

They admit that they took the money. But they claim that they are never influenced in their votes by people having given them money. Nobody is stupid enough to believe that. In fact, it's a real insult to the American people that these politicians continue to mouth these lies to us. We should have a law that makes it illegal for any politician to take any money. Until we get that law, these politicians will continue to sell us out in exchange for the bribes they receive every day from the wealthiest people in the world.

Here's what Congress should do. First, pass a law making it illegal for any American to have money in a secret private equity fund. The SEC should monitor and regulate all investment companies, public or private. Their transactions must be public. Aren't we entitled to know, for example, if a private equity firm with U.S. and international investors bet on 9/10/01 that airline stocks would go down? Somebody made that bet, but they never told us who. Yet they supposedly know the financial institution through which the put was placed, one that oddly was formerly run by a guy now at Blackwater, a guy whose brother oddly works at the CIA. Don't we deserve to know the truth about this? Why didn't the Bush administration ever tell us who did that? Was it an investment vehicle, "private" and secret equity fund in which he, or his family, or his friends had an interest? If it was such a fund, and we found out that none of the Americans involved bothered to blow the whistle, wouldn't that be treason?

Americans should not be allowed to conspire with rich people from other countries in an effort to destroy the U.S. These private equity firms, like many of the large investment firms in the U.S., need to be broken up and restricted. No one group or entity should be allowed to accumulate so much money that they can manipulate the market and bankrupt the country, which is exactly what's happened.

What we need is protectionism. How ironic that the Bush administration and so many of the leaders in our country are trying to make "protection" a bad word. That is their job, when you think about it -- to protect us. Instead, they act like whores. They don't care one bit which john is paying for the hotel room, as long as they get their money. In the meantime, the one thing they do not do is the job that they applied for in the first place: to represent the American people, to protect us from those who would do us harm. Can you imagine a cop saying the public shouldn't demand that they be "protected" from the criminals? These are the same criminals that say if we complain about poisoned food being sold to us, then we want a "nanny state." No, we just want a government that is working for us instead of trying to destroy us.

Protectionism is good. What it means is that the government, everyone with any authority in this country, has one job only: protect the American people. Protect our jobs, protect our wages and benefits, protect our health, protect our educational system, protect our communities, protect our retirement. Protect us against all who seek to harm us. If someone comes along and says they want to shut down American businesses and throw Americans out of work, then it is the precise job of our government to stand up and fight them. If someone wants to take their jobs to a third world country to be done by child labor, then our government should say fine, but you'll never bring one item into this country. You're barred buddy, we're cutting you off. Pick a team.

When Bill Clinton left office he was given hundreds of millions of dollars -- maybe a billion dollars by now. Much of it from the biggest financial companies in the U.S. who benefitted from the "free trade" policies he slid through Congress while the public was being deceived. At the same time that American working people have been seeing their lives devastated by neo-slave policies, outsourcing, fraudulent financial practices, usurious loans, Bill Clinton has received more money that most people can ever imagine. Was he being paid as compensation for him having sold out the American people? One could make that argument.

Of course the final touches were rammed through by Bush and Cheney. But Clinton set it up. And this most recent bail-out has been enthusiastically supported by both parties, both corrupt parties who claim to be representing the American public while stuffing their own pockets with bribes.

In order to solve this problem, we do not -- decidedly do not -- need to add environmental and labor standards to the next round of neo-slavery agreements. Who cares? It does not help an unemployed U.S. auto worker if he knows that the slave labor in Thailand is getting protective goggles and rest breaks. It is a silly diversion from what should be our position: no more jobs leave the country. No more hb1 and other immigrant-coyote labor rings scams should be allowed to bring millions of high-skilled workers into this country every year to take American jobs at radically reduced wages. (Bill Gates hired Ralph Reed to "lobby" Congress to let Microsoft bring in as many workers as they want from India and Pakistan to take American jobs, often at as much as $11,000 per worker less than an American would earn. These temporary immigrant workers also are a subservient employee base because if they speak up and are fired, they've got something like 30 days to find a new job or they are deported). It ends.

Globalism is the enemy of all working people. As Americans, we should stand up for ourselves. But don't be fooled by the claim that there is some altruistic motive of these globalists to "bring jobs" to poorer nations. They are in fact simply employing 8 year old children and working them 16 hour days at cents per day, throwing them out if they get sick, using and abusing them without conscience. Globalism is the enemy of working people everywhere in the world.

Every country, all working people, need protection from the private equity funds, the Globalists who are destroying people, communities, resources around the world more effectively, with greater profit and secrecy, than did Hitler's tanks rolling across Europe. The Globalists have outright killed 1 million Iraqis without giving it a second thought, in order to steal their oil. They must be stopped. All their spokespeople, the mouth pieces, the ones who are on the news shows and say the world is flat, you can't fight progress, globalism is inevitable -- they're lying. And getting paid to do so.

We need Protectionism. Create industries with good-paying jobs right here inside the U.S. No imports of cheap goods from third world countries -- let them sell to their own people. Any U.S. company that takes jobs outside the U.S., through whatever secret methods, will not be allowed to bring products back in. No more setting up offshore P.O. Boxes to avoid paying taxes inside our country. We need to produce all our own food both to "Protect" ourselves against possible future wars, in which we could be cut off and starved, and because the U.S. companies are making billions importing cheap poisoned food from third world countries and selling it to Americans. And no more U.S. agribusiness flooding the markets of third world countries with cheap staples, like they did with rice in Haiti, and undercutting local farmers to put them out of business, then jacking up the prices so the people starve to death. It needs to end.

Globalism is the new Mob. But without the charm and sentiment. It needs to end.

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