Friday, November 14, 2008

I Don't Want Her, You Can Have Her, She's No Good For Us

Jacob Heilbrunn has an article today over at Huffington Post entitled "Obama's Team of Rivals," weighing in on the possibility of Hillary Clinton being chosen as Secretary of State.

Mr. Heilbrunn shares my cautiously pessimistic view of this idea being floated in the press. He notes, among other things, that Hillary supported the Iraq War, supported torture, and threatened to obliterate Iran as a campaign slogan.

I would add that she never repudiated her decision to turn over to Bush the Congressional Constitutional responsibility to decide whether to go to war, she has consistently been a hawk in the Senate on foreign policy, she ignored the fact that the U.S. War On Iraq was a war of aggression and therefore an international war crime, and ignored the fact that the U.S. War On Iraq was bleeding the U.S. coffers and threatening to send the nation into an economic depression.

Mr. Heilbrunn also describes Hillary Clinton as representing what he calls the "Lieberman Wing" of the Democratic Party. Yeah, I noticed that too. Link below:

Here's another voice: Ian Williams at the weighing in picks Bill Richardson, former presidential candidate in the Democratic primary and current Governor of New Mexico, as the best choice for Secretary of State. Yes, I surely do like Governor Richardson, an intelligent and thoroughly charming individual.

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