Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Don't The Democrats Just Put The Marines Outside The Doors To Their Healthcare Hearings And Tell Them To Shoot Any Citizen Who Tries To Come In?

Why is it that the Congress always has time for the show-hearings with the big baseball players, coming in to chat about steroids and sign autographs, have their pictures taken next to the Senators and Representatives.

And why is it that Congress always has time to interject itself into the story-of-the-day, like when they brought in that guy who was the captain of the boat that got hijacked by the pirates, got lots of photo ops with him asking him completely stupid questions.

And why is it that Congress always has time for their corporate masters who bring truckloads full of bribes and kick-backs. Plenty of time for Blue Cross and Aetna and Kaiser Permanente. Plenty of time for Citicorp and Bank of America and General Electric.

But no time for us. No time for the citizens. Not even a minute to let anyone come to Congress to testify before their "hearing" about healthcare. Why would they care what Blue Cross says? Blue Cross doesn't have any problems. They've got all the money. It's the citizens who've got the problems, because they don't have the money, and they either have no, or inadequate and grossly overpriced healthcare. It's ridiculous. It's just another opportunity to solicit more corporate bribes.

I'm surprised the Democrats don't line up the military outside their hearings, and just tell them to shoot any citizen that comes near.

What change? Exactly what change? I don't see it.

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