Monday, May 18, 2009

The U.S. War Against Iraq Is A Christian Crusade To Conquer The World (And Steal The Oil)

We still don't know how 9/11 happened. Even if al Queda was behind it, we don't know, for example, why some of the hijackers trained at a Florida flight school run by an ex-CIA guy. Or why the D.C. FBI prohibited the Minnesota FBI from looking inside a hijacker's computer in advance of 9/11 -- if they'd let them go ahead, the attacks might have been prevented.

We don't know if Bush and his gang had enough information before 9/11 to know exactly what was going to happen, but decided to sit back and let it happen because, consistent with the Project for a New American Century policy paper of 1998, they were all fanatics who believed that in order to strengthen the military state in this country, it was necessary to have a new Pearl Harbor.

We have no reason to believe the 9/11 commission, because Bush and Cheney refused to cooperate with it.

But some things are pretty clear. We know that the Bush Regime used the 9/11 attacks to justify privatizing many of the traditional functions of the military, giving no-bid contracts to Republican businesses like Blackwater and Halliburton which, in turn, kicked back enormous bribes to the Republicans. We know that they used 9/11 to allow their friends to loot the U.S. Treasury (and pay enormous kick-backs to the Republicans). We know that they used 9/11 to wiretap most of the Democratic politicians (which may be one reason the Democrats won't do anything -- that plus the bribes they take). We know that they used 9/11 to justify kidnapping, torturing, and murdering people without any lawful or judicial basis for doing so. We know that the Bush Regime disavowed the responsibility of the U.S. to comply with treaties, including the treaty against torture. We know that they destroyed evidence to make it harder for any of them to be subjected to international war crimes tribunals.

Post 9/11, we know that the first response of the Bush insiders was to say "Oh good, now we can invade Iraq." But Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. And the CIA people, and intelligence people, told the Bush gang that 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq.

We have recently learned that Cheney ordered prisoners be kidnapped and tortured, and forced to "confess" that Iraq did have some involvement with 9/11, so they could use the coerced confessions as a cover for their plan to start a war against Iraq. So they could have a "defense" to international war crimes charges, which they've always known were a strong possibility if the truth ever came out.

As for George W. Bush, it's hard to say how much he understood because he does seem to be either really stupid, beyond our ability to understand stupid, or brain damaged.

But we do know that the people around him manipulated him into the war on Iraq in part by convincing him that God was speaking to him, God wanted him to start a war. Bush even said that God told him to do it.

Now we know it's even sicker than that. GQ got ahold of the artistic covers that were prepared for the secret, confidential briefings given to Bush to try to support the planned war against Iraq. The covers are drawings showing American military people going in to slaughter Iraqis, but covered with quotes from the Bible to justify the slaughter. It's really sick stuff. The people who have been running our country for the past eight years are insane. Fanatics. Crusaders interested in slaughtering the non-Christians of the world, and indoctrinating the young military people into believing that is their job as well: kill for Christ. Don't think for a minute that they won't turn on us, the people of this country who are determined to be not sufficiently "Christian," if somebody tells them that God says they should do so.

Maybe we need to purge the military. At a minimum, we need an investigation and public hearing to get religion out of our military. The military may have a job to do, but it's not based on what somebody thinks God wants. It's based on civil decisions made by Congress.
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