Friday, May 8, 2009

Father Cutie-Pie

Father Cutie (the media pronounces it Q-tee-aay) is a Catholic priest, formerly assigned to Miami Beach, Florida. He's very good-looking.

But the really big news is that he's not only heterosexual, but he actually likes grown-up women instead of children. No little boys or girls for Father Cutie-Pie. He was photographed rolling around in the sand, on a beach, with some good-looking woman, engaged in normal adult heterosexual contact. So the church went ballistic.

One might think that the Catholic Church would be so overjoyed to find a priest in their midst who not only was not a pedophile, but who actually likes grown-up females, that they would give him a Straight-To-Pope pass, and this guy would be headed to CEO Heaven, or at least the Catholic version of it. But you would be wrong.

No, apparently the sin of a priest being heterosexual-while-praying is still a mortal sin inside the Catholic church. Those heterosexuals must be banned from the cathedrals, stripped of their robes (which, strangely, is exactly what the beach-babe seemed to be trying to do).

I' m just thinking of all those pedophiles over decades who, when they were caught, the church stood by them. Pedophile = good, heterosexual adult women = bad. Go figure. Remember how it came out that every time a pedophile priest got caught, the church would shuffle him off to some new (unsuspecting) parish. The church later said this was some kind of "punishment." But it looked to me like it might be a rewards system. If they like you, then every few years they send you to a new parish full of young, apple-cheeked innocent young 5 year old boys, so you get a fresh crew. These pedophiles sexually stimulated 5 year old boys, touched their penises to try to make them get erections, made these little boys kiss and lick the old man priest's penis so he could get an erection. And the church protected those priests as if they were goblets from the last supper.

As a basic, fundamental, organizing principle of the Catholic Church, one that precedes all others, they preach and teach and believe that women are disgusting. Women are the most vile, unclean creatures on earth. I'll bet if a priest screwed a pig they'd get off with barely a Hail Mary as contrition. But screw a woman, or even think about it, and you may be defrocked. Women exist, in the eyes of the church, only to entice men, spread their evil ways, lead men to the devil, encourage men to have sex with women for pleasure and for reproductive purposes, so they will leave the church. Or leave "God," is how the church puts it. What kind of twisted mind would turn Jesus' birthmother into a virgin (huh?). If a woman has a problem in a pregnancy, they kill the woman, save the fetus. It's dogma. Women are of no importance other than as slaves and breeders to raise little children to be future victims of the pedophile priests.

How can any institution claim this much power, and retain this much wealth, when they require their leaders to deny one of their basic human instincts: to have sex, usually with a member of the opposite sex? And how can they convince generations of young men that they should do this? By painting women as the most disgusting, dirty, filthy, dishonest, ignorant, worthless creatures that ever lived.

I know other religions have similar attitudes, except their VPs get to have sex. Sometimes they have sex with all their parishioners, during "prayer." So they all have some weird attitudes about sex, and promote the view of women being servants and slaves.

But the Catholic Church is the worst. We hear so much about Islam, about the Muslims and the Taliban and all the crazies, and yes, as a modern branch, they're pretty awful. But the Catholic church exists in modern nations in modern times. Their priests are educated, and many of their parishioners are educated, intelligent people. The Catholic church clings to these old attitudes because of a perverse hatred of women, a need to ascribe to women some terrible status in order to prop up an unworkable, irrational, man-created doctrine that for some reason took hold in the Church, and said the priests may no longer marry. Little boys are okay, but grown women are off-limits.

Wake up Pope. You're losing your best people.


(From the Miami-Herald, 5/5/09):

"The Rev. Alberto Cutié, a national figure with movie star looks, was removed from his Miami Beach church Tuesday after photographs appeared in a magazine showing him frolicking with a woman in the sand on a Florida beach."

"A wildly popular Catholic priest, newspaper columnist and radio and television personality, Cutié will no longer run operations or lead Sunday Mass at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church."

"Word of Cutié's punishment came during a brief news conference in front of a small gathering of reporters at the Archdiocese of Miami headquarters on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami Shores.

''The vow of celibacy is part of the ordination,' said spokeswoman Mary Ross Agosta. 'A man who is a priest is able to totally focus on the church.'"

"Earlier in the day, Cutié spoke with Archbishop John C. Favalora, who said that the pictures of Cutié and the woman saddened him. 'Father Cutié's actions cannot be condoned despite the good works he has done as a priest,' Favalora said in a statement. 'I ask for everyone's prayers at this time.'"

"This week's cover of TVnotas shows Cutié, 40, lying on his back in blue shorts with an unidentified, long-brown-haired woman in a dark bathing suit wrapping her legs around him.

The other 24 pictures, which TVnotas says were taken over a three-day period in March, include one with Cutié's hand inside the woman's bathing suit touching her posterior. Still another shows the couple kissing at an unidentified terrace bar.'' (Miami-Herald, 5/5/09)

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  1. The amazing thing is the Catholic Church isn't even consistent about Priests and Women. The Ukrainian Catholic Church allows their Priests to marry to this day. The UCC has their own liturgy in their own language and calls the Pope in Rome their leader. But they can marry because of tradition. It's all such bullshit. Your last line about the church loosing it s best people is right on,