Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Did We Have The English Invasion?

Most people know that sometime in the early 1960s, the U.S. experienced what is now called the "English Invasion." Many rock and roll groups from England "invaded" the United States. They came over here, their records were played on the radio, they were in concerts, they were welcomed like liberators, not like what we traditionally think of as "Invaders."

They really were met with rose-petals strewn in their path, young girls frantically ripping off their mother's pearls and grandmother's broaches, throwing desperate kisses at these young, foppish, long-haired, good-looking English males who stole the heart of all the females, and inspired all the young American boys to stop cutting their hair, putting barbers across the nation out of work.

But why did the English invade? Who knows the answer?

At the time of the invasion, American radio stations played this, forcing young Americans to listen over and over, to the same song:

Then one Sunday night, families all over the country turned on their television sets to watch the Ed Sullivan Show, just like they always did, but this time to see four young men from England with long funny hair, and named after an insect, and by Monday the entire music world in this country had changed forever:

In summary, the English "Invaded" the United States to save us from Pat Boone. So cheery-O, good job chaps.

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