Friday, May 29, 2009

It's "International Slap-Women-In-The-Face-Then-Spit-On-Them" Week. Go Susan Boyle!

It's been a big week of men, mostly in the media, attacking women. Must be a lull in the other wars, so they can always turn to stomping on women for a good laugh. When I say the men did it, I mean they led the attack, and the self-loathing well-paid female hookers who are temporarily supported by these men join in the gang attack, cheering on the men, telling them they are such studs.

We started with the Republicans calling Nancy Pelosi, the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives, a Pussy, a Bitch, and a Hag. I don't see any difference between calling her a Pussy and calling her a Cunt, except that these cowardly men are just too clever by half, and they want to pretend that they weren't calling those names at all. Christian Right to a man. White privileged powerful men, and the way they deal with a powerful successful woman is to call her a Cunt. And a Bitch. And a Hag. The last name is of course supposed to be a criticism of her appearance. I don't know, but she's in her late 60s, and I think she looks really good. She certainly looks better than that decrepit drug addict on the radio, or any of the men who work at Rupert Murdoch's Whorehouse.

Next up, the boys went after Kate Gosselin. For those not in the know, Jon and Kate Gosselin are a young married couple who needed medical assistance to get pregnant. On their first pregnancy, they had two children. They decided to go for one more, but somehow ended up with 6 more. All of the kids are adorable. And there is a reality show about this family called Jon and Kate Plus 8. Jon and Kate are having marital problems, and he's moved out. The media is all over this.

It is being reported that Kate is the one who set up the reality TV show, got a book deal for herself, and is the one who thinks this entire arrangement is a terrific deal because, with 8 kids, the two of them would have a very hard time supporting the kids. So because of this show, they now have a big new home, and hopefully the kids will have money for college. But here's the thing: reportedly Jon and Kate have received $10 Million for this reality TV show, plus the book deal. Ten Million Dollars. Holy Cow. And she's the money-earner in the family.

So the media is going after this woman like she's a mass murderer, calling her terrible things, saying how mean she is to her husband, what a terrible mother to the kids. They want to bury her up to her head in the ground and stone her to death. [No, I just made that part up]. And the reason she is such a terrible person? Nobody has explained. Her husband has been (allegedly) screwing around with a 23-year-old, but Kate, who is earning the money and doing the primary caretaking of the kids, is the bad one. For reasons never really explained.

I figure any woman who gave birth 8 times can be just as grouchy as she wants. And if her husband wants to leave, bye. She's cute, and she'll find someone new. And she's a money-machine!

But here's the really sickening part of this: the media is now printing stories saying that the government should take the 8 children away from Kate Gosselin. Actually take away her children from her. Because she's made a lot of money. Because her husband screwed around on her. Because ... she's female, she's successful, and the pack wants to see her punished.

Finally, we have the saga of Susan Boyle, a 47-year-old singer from Scotland who is the unlikely pin-up girl from an English TV show called "Britain's Got Talent." In case you missed it, Susan Boyle had an audition that blew the roof off the auditorium, singing "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables. Link below.

The TV show has performances every week, with people getting eliminated, then they have the semi-finals, and the finals are this week-end. In the semi-finals, Susan Boyle sang Memory from "Cats," and her voice broke in several places. It sounded to me like she hadn't warmed up. But the media turned on her immediately, attacking her, saying she was all washed up, it's over.

In the midst of the media frenzy, Susan Boyle watched the semi-finals in a bar, and when somebody said something positive about her competitor, she said "F-Off" and walked out. Then the frenzy really began. The newspapers have been covered with stories about Susan Boyle using the F word, and telling the obnoxious media to F-Off. Because women are not supposed to use the F word, or to tell anyone to F-off. And women are not supposed to be successful at 47, particularly if they look like a typical 47-year-old Scottish office worker, not so glamorous.

I say this:

(1) To the Media: F-Off.

(2) To Susan Boyle: You Go Girl.

You know what these men really want from women? Obedience. They just want women to know "their place," as meaningless and unimportant as a rodent, silent servants and sex workers that any man can and might rape or kill at any time for any reason with no legal consequences. Like stepping on cockroaches or swatting flies. If the women don't know, or they keep refusing to learn, then the men will beat it into them. With hands, fists, laws, media, banishment, kicks, hits, slaps, or switches. What is wrong with men?

(Taliban men beating women in public)

(Women in burkas being beaten with a stick.)

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