Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sometimes It Feels Like The Same Old Fascist Bullshit.

In the words of the great Yogi Berra, it's Deja Vu all over again.

We are involved in two ridiculous wars of aggression, with no reason to be there, no understanding of why we are there or what it is we are seeking to accomplish, never mind whether it's even legal for us to be doing what we are doing in militarily occupying two other countries and murdering their civilians. Just like Vietnam. And now they want to attack Pakistan.

We hear Obama taking up the Lyndon Johnson mantle saying we can't leave now, we need to go forward, "win." Barack, listen to somebody other than the maniacs you've hired for your cabinet: We can't win. You cannot win a war when there's no reason to be there. The only way to win these wars is to kill every single person over there.

Our politicians could not be more corrupt. If this was some movie about right before the fall of the Empire, central casting can rest because they can go straight to Congress and just film those liars, thieves and whores in their daily lives.

Today we hear that the Aipac spies will not even be prosecuted. They get a walk. How nice. Maybe that's why Mukasey was put into the AG spot by his personal Democratic guardians Schumer and Feinstein -- to just sit on the whole thing. Then the Obama folks come in, right before the Aipac convention, give a present to their generous friends. So every single politician in our government is spending the week over at the Aipac convention with their bagmen picking up their bribes and kick-backs.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg weren't executed because they allegedly stole classified or top secret information to give to a foreign country. They were executed because they were poor, and they didn't have enough money to bribe our politicians to buy their lives back.

The thieves and rapists who have looted every business in this country, hiding assets overseas, refusing to pay taxes, taking jobs elsewhere, stealing retired people's pensions and healthcare money, defrauding the public -- they've been rewarded by Congress, given billions more and bonuses. And they pay Congress enormous kick-backs for their generosity.

In the meantime, unemployment is dire and nobody in our government is doing a G-D thing to help the American working people who are out of work. No jobs, no job creation, just bonuses and champagne and parties with Wall Street and the Aipac spies. They should call it the Traitor's Ball.

As for healthcare, the Democrats have already sold us out to the insurance companies who take billions every year and pay nothing, and refuse to allow us, the citizens, the taxpayers, the option of buying into the Medicare system -- single payer -- let the government pay for all the medical services, and those of us who are employed can pay a premium directly to the government. Screw the insurance companies. All they do is raise premiums (mine just went up 13%) and pay nothing, lie cheat and steal, refuse to even answer the telephone while their insureds sit, sick, holding on, desperately waiting to get some chemotherapy or other life-saving treatment that the "adjusters," or "assassins" who work for the insurance companies will do everything in their power to deny, or postpone, or put on hold ("claim pending") because if the insured just dies, the adjuster gets a bonus. And I'm not exaggerating. These insurance adjusters and executives belong in prison, not in charge of the healthcare of our entire nation.

I thought "we" won. But it appears that Wall Street won. If there was one Republican left in the whole country, not an opponent in sight, these criminals and scum-buckets called the Democrats in Congress would still spend every single day of their lives going out soliciting bribes to sell their votes to the highest bidder.

What else can they do to us? Isn't this a Republican platform we're seeing? Screw the people?

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