Monday, August 9, 2010

The WTO: A Trojan Horse Corporate Front Group For U.S. Corporations.

The WTO: A Trojan Horse Corporate Front Group For U.S. Corporations

How is it possible that Dow is up, the criminals on Wall Street have to bring dump trucks to their back doors to haul out the hundreds of millions of dollars of our money that they pay themselves as "bonuses," yet we have at least 20% unemployment and most Americans are flat broke and busted? It's all according to plan.

Here's how it worked.

The major U.S.-based corporations, businesses that got rich because of the sweat and ingenuity of American workers, began to move into other countries, other markets, trying to use their wealth to take over more of the world. But many nations had tariffs to protect their own local businesses, and prevent U.S. predator corporations from coming in, dumping their products into other countries' markets at radical discounts, and forcing local businesses to shut down. Once there was no other competition, the U.S. predator corporations jacked up the prices and robbed people blind.

A group of wealthy people from major corporations got together to create a Trojan Horse which they named the World Trade Organization ("WTO"). They hired slick PR companies to write up fictional stories about how "World" trade would make us all rich, we would all have good jobs, all have money to invest in the stock market. We would eliminate hunger, provide healthcare and housing for all through international cooperation and innovation. Ah yes, it would be paradise, or that's what they told us. And they came up with phony names to cover up what they were doing. They called it "Globalization," which has such a nice sound. They should have called it "Global Rape," because that's what it is.

The WTO has two direct financial co-conspirators, the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The WTO would go into a country, offer to "help" the politicians make a better nation such as by building water systems for home-delivery of water and to irrigate crops. They would help to build roads, do flood control. All would be provided with loans from the IMF and the WB. Eventually the borrower nation would default because of a disaster, or crop failure, or war, or the politicians would steal too much of the money to complete the projects, and then the WTO would "foreclose" on the whole country. The WTO, remember, is just a shell, like a Trojan Horse, and the real interested parties are major U.S. corporations. So the WTO would go into the foreclosed nation and steal everything, like locusts. They would tell the government that the people must stop using their fields to grow food to feed themselves, and instead must grow some luxury item to export to Europe. They would tell the government that it must pay back the money borrowed from the WB and IMF, which means they would have to shut down their schools and hospitals, shut down the bus system, stop paying the pensions of government workers, shut down the community-kitchens run across the country to prevent starvation. So what if people starve? Lloyd F-ing Blankfein, the head of Goldeman-Sux, wants his money. So the people die.

Gradually, the WTO has taken over most of the world, even the U.S. The only laws in most countries are those written by the WTO. They hand stacks of papers to the government, including to our congress, and tell them "Here is the new law for 'financial non-reform.' Pass it." And congress does it because they get bribes and kick-backs. All countries do it because they are coerced, they have no money, they have no choice. But if any country resists the demands of the WTO, then the WTO and the U.S. corporations simply go to the U.S. government and instruct it to declare war against the nation that refuses to submit to the WTO. That is exactly what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan, representatives of the U.S. government and the U.S. oil corporations offered millions of dollars to the Taliban if they would agree to let the U.S. corporations take the oil and gas from Afghanistan. The Taliban refused and, within a few months, surprise surprise, bush-cheney claimed that we had been attacked by Afghanistan even though we were attacked by Saudi Arabia. So our troops invaded and continue to occupy that nation and kill its people. And the U.S. oil corporations are firmly in place with authority to go ahead and steal all the resources from that country.

In the U.S., the WTO and the U.S. corporations bribed the politicians to start adopting WTO laws as our own, including signing binding treaties which would devastated the people of this country, such as Nafta. Clinton and Rubin worked together to eliminate laws regulating Wall Street, because that's what the WTO did, and Lloyd F-ing Blankfein and all the other Scum from Wall Street immediately set out on a mission to steal every single thing in this country of any value. Our government did nothing to stop them, and even today refuses to lift a hand to punish these predators and get our money back.

The U.S. corporations decided that once the WTO took control of other countries, the U.S. corporations would move their businesses to third world nations where they can dump poison into the land, spew it into the air, kill their workers, pay slave wages, hire child labor, and make even more money for people like Lloyd F-ing Blankfein and Goldman-Sux. And that's what they've done. To the extent possible, they just keep moving the jobs out of this country, and Wall Street just keeps making more and more money. Americans are unemployed and broke, and Wall Street stole all our money.

Wall Street is a criminal enterprise and its leaders need to be indicted, their assets seized and used for the public good, and their employees put into prison for life.

I read an interesting article this morning about Goldman-Sux and Wall Street, and how they never stop trying to create phony asset bubbles, cheat the public, and steal more money. They even do it under the guise of being "philanthropists." Don't believe it for a second. Here's what they've done in the world of "Art." Wall Street has created an asset bubble in the world of Art by manipulating the market, using insider information, and defrauding the public. Just like they do every day in every area of their business lives.

The Wall Street scum pay somebody in a big museum a bundle of money (which they write off) and buy themselves a spot on the Board of Directors. At the same time, the Wall Street Scum buy up certain art. Say, for example, they decide they want to run up the price of Hopper. They buy up some Hopper paintings. Then they use their position on the Board to get the museum to buy lots of Hopper, have special exhibitions of Hopper, tell the entire world that Hopper is the most brilliant artist, a must-have for the private collector. The price of anything by Hopper goes up ten fold, the Wall Street scumbuckets sell their Hopper that they bought for $2.0 million for $20.0 million and make an obscene return, and the public once again gets bilked when Wall Street moves on to the next artist, and declares that Hopper is, after all, a "lesser" talent. These guys should not be trusted around the collection plate in church, that's how big of thieves they are.

Wall Street is like the Mafia, except more ruthless, brutal, and deadly. They are predators. They have no loyalty to this country or to any of the people in it. They would be thrilled to take all their money to some other nation and live there, laughing all the way to the Hedge Fund. These people should be in prison. When will the Obama administration stand up and do what is right? And if they don't, how long will the citizens of this country sit here and let these scumbuckets on Wall Street continue to steal everything, make our kids slaves, destroy our future?

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