Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Professional Left And The Enthusiasm Gap.


Yesterday Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary, bitterly attacked the "Professional Left" for criticizing Obama. Who is the Professional Left? Apparently he means people who are ethical and conscientious in their political views, refuse to sell out in exchange for bribes or to collapse under the weight of institutional oppression. Is that what you had in mind, Bob?

Maybe he means that portion of the Democrats/liberals/left in this country who are avidly and actively interested and involved in politics and in their communities. These are the people who read the news, are concerned about the unemployment rate, the wars, global warming, Wall Street. You know -- those pests.

Why would the Democrats want to attack the Left? Rahm Emanuel did it before, calling them a bunch of "fucking retards." And much of the country rose up against the word "retard," but few seemed to realize that Rahm Emanuel, an employee of the nation, a public servant, has no business cursing at involved and interested citizens. Who is this little twinkle-toed ballet-dancing foul-mouthed unelected Wall Street agent to call the rest of us bad names? What makes him so superior to the working people of this country? The fact that when our nation was at war, he decided to go sign up -- for the Israeli military, abandoning his own nation, turning his back on his own people? Is that what gives this little traitor the right to call me a fucking retard?

I wonder if Robert Gibbs and the Democrats spend as much time worrying about the Enthusiasm Gap as they spend worrying about and attacking The Left. You know what the Enthusiasm Gap is? Most Americans do not vote. They do not believe the politicians will do anything to help them. They think the elections are rigged, and nobody cares what they think. It's really tragic to claim that we have a democracy when most of our citizens have been so beaten down and bludgeoned by the rich that they don't even bother to open their mouths.

Right now, the Republican Teabaggers are very enthusiastic about the upcoming elections. They're out aimlessly wandering around in parks with idiotic signs, improperly spelled, brandishing weapons and screaming about black or Hispanic people. They're stupid and racist, no question, but they are very enthusiastic.

Unlike the Democrats and the liberals, for example, who have no enthusiasm about the upcoming elections. People like "The Left" are angry with the Democrats for failing to make a public option available to Americans who want to buy into a non-profit medical care system. People like me who do not want corporations profitting from my future ailments. The Left are angry at the failure of the Democrats to create jobs. It's like the Democrats don't understand how bad it is out here. The Left are tired of the lies about these wars of aggression, and want them ended. The Left has so little enthusiasm for the Democrats' complete refusal and failure to do much of anything to help working people that The Left might just stay home this year.

I wonder if Robert Gibbs was thinking about the enthusiasm gap when he mouthed off about the Left. I wonder if he and the Democrats worried for even a minute that with so many people already disgusted with them, with so little enthusiasm remaining, maybe it wasn't really a good time for them to start attacking their supporters.

Robert Gibbs stood proudly before the cameras today and insisted that he would not apologize for anything he had said. Of course he won't -- he's a white male, they never apologize. Well, that's not true. They apologize to the right, they apologize to the fascists, and to Fox, and to Murdoch, they apologize if they "misspoke" and said anything to offend the gun-lovers and barrel-suckers. Obama came out and apologized to the criminals on Wall Street because people had spoken "harshly" about them, and Obama insisted those criminals were entitled to steal hundreds of millions of dollars, because they work hard.

I don't know. I work hard too. But nobody ever gave me that kind of money. I think that explains a big part of the enthusiasm gap. People like The Left are beginning to think that the Democrats aren't on our side at all. They're on the side of Wall Street, the WTO, Lloyd F-ing Blankfein and Twinkletoes potty-mouth Rahm Emanuel.

I'm feeling a lack of enthusiasm for the Democrats. Which might translate into a lack of votes. Keep it up, Bob. I feel a nap coming on. Hope I don't sleep right through the elections.

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