Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Corporate News: Brainwashing The World.


I was watching a TV show from Mexico last night, which purported to be some kind of current events or news show. The format, the style was disturbingly similar to many of the "news" programs we see in the U.S. I was struggling with the language, but that helped me to step back and see the big picture.

They had two women hosts with breast implants dressed in nightclub attire, and one male. A frenetic musical theme kept playing in the background suggesting climax: This Is It, Get Ready! Each host would frantically describe some event, then a video would be shown depicting the event, each more awful than the next.

First there was a young woman who almost fell to her certain death into a raging river, but was miraculously saved by firefighters, followed by the excited claim: "Extremo." Then they showed two young men fighting, one pulled a gun out to shoot the other but the gun malfunctioned, finally it worked and he shot the young man on the ground. "Extremo." Then another brief video showing drug dealers standing on a corner while the cops drive by, describing how the dealers rule the neighborhood. "Extremo."

It was so obvious (in another language) that the purpose was to desensitize the viewer, create a constant and false sense of danger and hysteria mixed with with sexual provocation, and essentially destroy the brain, create a terrified, over-sexed, hopeless people who will do as told.

Then I remembered that scene from the terrific Alan J. Pakula movie "The Parallax View." There was a secret militaristic mercenary organization that recruited sociopaths and trained them to be assassins. Warren Beatty goes underground to investigate the organization after its name comes up in association with the assassination of a popular American politician.

At the time of this movie, in 1974, it was hard to imagine our country would ever have private mercenary corporations on contract, but of course that's exactly the arrangement that bush-cheney had with blackwater, which the obama administration continues to employ. Very disgusting and scary to have our government having its own private mercenary group loyal only to those that pay it, with no duty or responsibility to the people of this country. If there ever is a coup, you can bet that private mercenary groups like Blackwater will be out in the streets terrorizing and shooting our citizens on behalf of whichever government has employed them. We need to demand the government stop hiring private corporate mercenaries, cancel all the contracts. If we need something done during war, we should give our military the resources and support they need to get the job done. Not pay hundreds of millions of dollars to CEOs who are only in it for the money.

In the movie "The Parallax View," the private mercenary contractor organization recruited people to become trained assasins to work for them. Part of the recruitment phase involved having the applicant sit and watch a movie while hooked up to electrodes to measure the response. The ideal applicant should be aroused at signs of violence and insensitive to the suffering of others. It's scary how similar this video is to what is shown on our TVs every night around the world.

This is what Fox and the other Corporate-owned "news" TV channels are doing in their programming. They are desensitizing people to the sight of violence and suffering, lawlessness, and military and police control, terrifying people, constantly throwing sexually arousing photos into the mix to further escalate the sense of arousal, and destroying people's brains and ability to focus.

We, the people, the citizens, own the air in this country, own the airways. The corporations bid for the right to use our airways to transmit their Tv programs. We used to have procedures for shows to require that they be relatively honest and truthful in their broadcasts. Those were the days when Walter Cronkite went onto TV every night and told the American people, to the best of his ability to do so, what had actually happened that day in the world that might be of interest to them. He told the public facts, and did not skew those facts to support any particular position or opinion. He certainly did not waste our time (and pollute our airways) by tales of half-naked females with breast implants, or rumors of which celebrity got caught with his pants down, or even report on the obscene self-indulgent greed of Wall Street scum who steal hundreds of millions from the public then throw it away on parties for their useless children. Walter Cronkite reported the news. Why don't we have more news on the "news" shows, and a lot less garbage?

I think we should cancel all the contracts. We used to have laws that prevented any one person or group from owning more than one TV station. When the stations were split apart, hundreds created where there used to be just a few, Rupert Murdoch wanted to take control of as many TV stations as possible so he could promote his fascist world view. He made a deal with that toad Newt Gingrich to change the law and let Murdoch buy up many stations across the country. That would be Fox, partly owned by a Saudi prince. So our "news" is now provided to us, all across the country, by some undoubtedly fanatic scumbucket from Saudi Arabia and the equally fanatic scumbucket from Australia, Rupert Murdoch. How is it possible that foreign interests control the information we receive in our homes at night? This is wrong.

We need to go back to strict controls on who gets to run programs on TV, including absolutely no foreign involvement or ownership, and nobody -- this means you Rupert -- gets more than one TV station, period. Return the stations to the people, let smaller groups buy them up, and give us real diversity or at least shut down this fascist propaganda that has infected our airways. Why should we turn our property, our airways, over to foreign interests, who will use their money and control to broadcast lies to our people? Can't we do better than that?

Demand the government bust up the monopolies, restrict ownership of and access to our airways to only U.S. businesses, and only one station per corporate or individual owners. Bust them up and stop these few people (i.e. Rupert Murdoch and the Saudis) from taking over our television airways and spreading lies, ignorance and propaganda to our people.

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