Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Do We Need Net Neutrality?


Google and Verizon control access to the internet. They want to use their monopoly control of access to the internet to make even more money for themselves. Here's what they want to do: sell the right to dictate the content on the internet to the highest bidder. If Rupert Murdoch and Fox are willing to pay, they will take over the internet, and the only information reasonably available will be the garbage and right-wing lies that they select.

Here's how it is going to work. Google and Verizon, and anyone else selling access to the internet to the public, will also offer major media groups the right to have top billing, so to speak. Rupert Murdoch and Fox will pay whatever money is charged to get the top billing. Then whenever any American tries to do a search online, all they will get are links to Fox News reports, meaning links to articles that are false, racist, right-wing, and stupid.

Try to find any real information on a subject, and you will end up having to scroll through multiple pages just to get a link to a reputable source. Now maybe adults can figure out how to find better sources of information. But think about the kids. Most schools now have kids using computers. What happens if the only information they get about history, for example, are the false and grossly ludicrous rantings of somebody like that sexual deviant and pervert O'Reilly, or the weeping catholic-mormon alcoholic Glenn Beck? An entire nation of idiot children believing what these men say is true. It sounds like Adolph Hitler's dream.

Fox is owned by Murdoch (an Australian) and a Saudi prince. Why should they own any news source in this country? Just to start, we should go back to our former laws which prohibited foreign ownership of the media. I think Murdoch unfortunately may be a citizen by now, but he still should be limited to owning one newspaper period -- not one per city, but one period. One TV station, nothing more. Go back to mandating broad ownership of the media to provide broad sources of information.

And ask yourself this question: what is Saudi Arabia, and why would a "prince" want to own and control the media of the U.S.? Saudi Arabia is a small nation in the middle east that has an enormous amount of oil in their ground. A small gang of murderers and thieves who call themselves the "Saudi Royal Family" have used war and and ongoing despotic dictatorship marked by extremely brutality towards their own people to steal most of the nation's money for themselves. Among other things, they have signed agreements to let U.S. and western oil corporations control all of the oil, take it from the country, and pay a percentage of sales to the Saudi Royal Family. The resources of the nation, in other words, are not used for the benefit of the people -- they are stolen by western corporations, with the small controlling gang taking most of the money from the sale. They don't even allow their own people to work in the oil industry because they know that if their people learned how to run it, they would throw out the westerners and take control for themselves.

So why would a Saudi prince want to own and control the media in the U.S.? First, the U.S. provides military protection to the criminal gang known as the Saudi Royal Family. We use our force to keep them in power because our corporations profit from the existing system that lets them steal all the oil. Second, the last thing that Saudi Arabia wants is for Americans to learn that the earth is in danger, that we must immediately develop and invest in green technology and stop using oil. If the U.S. stopped using oil, the Saudi Royal Family would not be able to keep selling their country's oil for so much money. So Saudi Arabia, along with Murdoch, uses the Fox media to lie to the U.S. public and tell them that there is no global warming, no climate change, no reason to stop using oil. They are working together to kill us all.

Google, Verizon and Fox are all monopolies, and should be busted up because they violate our laws of anti-trust. Who is supposed to stop predator corporations that use unfair business practices to eliminate competition and take control of the market? The federal government. The attorney general, to be specific, is charged with the responsibility to enforce the anti-trust laws of our nation. So why isn't our attorney general doing anything about it? We need to demand that our government enforce the antitrust laws and bust up these corporate predators, force them to sell off most of their holdings, and stop them from having such broad control in our lives, because all they do is promote fascism (corporate control of the nation).

We have Democratic control of Congress, and a Democrat in the white house. Why should we, the citizens, have to struggle for something as simple as having access to a variety of news sources and information? It seems more and more like we only get the "official" story dictated by right-wing fascists like Murdoch and his mercenaries. Why don't our Democrats do something to help us? They have the votes, they have the power. No spine, once again, they'd rather take bribes from corporations like Fox than actually do their job, which is to help the people of this country. Tell the Democrats to protect net neutrality and enforce the anti-trust laws to bust up Google, Verizon, Murdoch and Fox.

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