Monday, April 19, 2010

Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally Were Sexy Women Used In Propaganda by Fascists In the Past To Undermine The Forces of Democracy.


(Tokyo Rose)

The modern right-wing in this country isn't the first group to use pretty women, mouthing sexual innuendo joined with violent images, as the voice of propaganda, to try to undermine the forces of democracy. During World War II, the Japanese used a group of English-speaking women to read propaganda on the radio aimed at Americans fighting against Japan. They named the fictional woman "Tokyo Rose," although in fact there were many women who were reading the broadcasts.

The Germans also had a sexy-babe broadcasting on the radio to the American and Allied troops. She was called Axis Sally.

(Axis Sally)

Sarah Palin is the modern-day right-wing version of the sexy female propaganda agent. Her own knowledge or belief is not of any particular interest, because she is a spokesperson for the right-wing. It doesn't matter if she does or does not read newspapers because other people tell her what to say. Remember, her biggest boost onto the national stage came from the deaf drug addict on the radio. Her ascent to national politics was not premised on her intellect or experience. It was based upon the fact that she was pretty, and willing to say outrageous things to stir up the right-wing voters. She's still doing it, and is being richly rewarded.

Why can't we build a wall along our northern border to keep her out? We could call it the Sarah Wall. And tell Sarah to take that crazy Michelle Bachman back to the mooselodge with her.

(Note the frequent use in the Tokyo Rose broadcast of violent descriptions combined with a sexy voice. The fascists must have done studies that showed that combining sexual innuendo with violent images would evoke a strong emotion in the listener. An awful lot like Sarah Palin with her cute little winks, clever sayings and put-downs, hopping around like a cheerleader in public, then giving instructions to her groupies about how to deal with the Democrats: re-Load!)


Tokyo Rose: Hello you fighting orphans in the Pacific. Hows tricks? This is after her weekend, and oooh, back on the air, strictly under union hours. Reception okay? Why, it better be, because this is All-Requests night. And I've got a pretty nice program for my favorite little family, the wandering boneheads of the Pacific Islands. The first request is made by none other than the boss. And guess what? He wants Bonnie Baker in "My Resistance is Low". My, what taste you have, sir, she says.

Tokyo Rose: Thank you, thank you, thank you. That's all for now enemies, but there'll be more the same tomorrow night. Until then, this is Orphan Ann, your number one enemy, reminding you GI -- always to be good! Goodbye now.

Tokyo Rose: Greetings, everybody! This is your No. 1 enemy, your favorite playmate, Orphan Ann on Radio Tokyo--the little sunbeam whose throat you'd like to cut! Get ready again for a vicious assault on your morale, 75 minutes of music and news for our friends--I mean, our enemies!--in the South Pacific. (unintelligible)...what you need is a good dad, I mean pop. Just relax, all set? Okay, here's the first blow at your morale, here's him singing and singing, "Hey, Pop, I Don't Want to Go to Work (War)." Thanks for listening.

Tokyo Rose: That's all for now enemies,but there'll be more the same tomorrow night. Until then, this is Orphan Ann, your number one enemy, reminding you GI -- always to be good! Goodbye now.

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