Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oil Spill Is Killing All The Sea Turtles. Stop Offshore Drilling.

(From The Defenders Of Wildlife):

Right now, roughly 5,000 barrels of oil a day are being spilled into the Gulf of Mexico southeast of Venice, Louisiana – yet another awful outcome of the tragic explosion at what was supposed to be one of the safest and most advanced offshore drilling rigs in the world.

Help close the door on another drilling disaster. Urge the Obama administration to reject expanded offshore drilling exploration.

Delicate marine ecosystems – and the dolphins, sea turtles and other wildlife that need them to survive – are at risk. Local fisherman fear for their businesses, as an oil slick twice the size of Maryland nears the ecologically fragile Louisiana coastline.

The situation is so desperate that yesterday the U.S. Coast Guard lit contaminated portions of the Gulf on fire in a desperate attempt to eliminate the spill before it reaches the coast.

And as the tragedy unfolds, officials in the Obama administration are considering a proposal that could dramatically expand offshore drilling – and bring the threat of another tragedy like the one now unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico to your favorite beach.

Tell the Obama administration to reject Big Oil’s plans to industrialize our coasts. Submit your comments now.

Comments on the administration’s offshore drilling proposal are due Monday (May 3rd), so please send your message to federal officials right now!

It doesn’t take a dramatic explosion and monster oil slick to see the perils of offshore drilling. For some marine wildlife, the simple act of determining whether and where to site an offshore rig can be a prelude to disaster.

Seismic surveys conducted during oil and gas exploration potentially can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss, induce behavioral changes and even physically injure marine mammals like bottlenose dolphins found along the Gulf coastline and bowhead whales in the waters of Alaska’s Chukchi Sea.

Protect whales and dolphins from risky offshore drilling schemes. Say “No!” to more destructive oil and gas exploration off our coasts.

Exposure to petroleum also causes tissue damage in the eyes, mouth, skin and lungs of dolphins and other marine mammals. And because they are at the top of the food chain, marine mammals like polar bears and whales will be exposed to the dangers of bioaccumulation of organic pollutants and metals.
For the threatened and endangered sea turtles found along the Gulf Coast, expanded oil drilling could mean the difference between survival and extinction.

Dredging of nesting beaches, collisions and noise disruptions threaten sea turtles. And hatchlings are particularly susceptible to oiling because they spend much of their time near the water surface, where spilled oil or tar accumulates.

Take action now to protect sea turtles, whales, dolphins and our coasts. Send your message to the Obama administration now.

For the Wild Ones,
Richard Charter
Senior Policy Advisor,
Marine ProgramsDefenders of Wildlife


  1. This is exactly why off shore drilling is too dangerous. effecting people's livelihood, endangering animals, risking food sources. The fingers of oil drifting in the ocean remind me of the plagues in the old Ten Commandments movie. Something to think about.

  2. It's catastrophic, and it's just awful to think of the birds, fish, turtles, plants, ocean, beach to be destroyed, the people who live along there to probably get chemicals in their groundwater and make them sick. People's ability to earn a living. It's hard to comprehend. And very sad. I agree: no more offshore drilling.

  3. It's tragic. I am stunned to know that U.S. administration is considering a proposal to increase offshore drilling, killing wildlife, and threatening thousand's way of life along the coast. I find it appalling that our government is ignoring this disaster of killing our ocean and lives.

  4. this is rediculous. i thought obama was supposedly trying to HELP our environment not DESTROY it. offshore oil drilling will be the downfall of this country, just you wait. SUCH a shame :(