Monday, April 19, 2010

Gun Morons Have Play Date, Wander Aimlessly.

(Hey wait a minute -- what's he got stuffed inside his shirt? An ammo belt? I think the only thing this old fat white man needs to fear is back trouble and heartburn from all the fried eggs he downs every morning -- with a side of french fries and gravy).

The AP is reporting that the big gun-rallies scheduled around D.C. today have been attended by "dozens" of people. That by itself makes me laugh. Really? Dozens? Any crowd control problems?

But the most absurd part is when you see the pictures. A bunch of old ignorent white men who are just terrified because a black man is President. Not just any black man -- a really smart one. They're afraid maybe Obama can read their thoughts -- and he'll come and get them!

Here's the thinking: if Obama sends the Marines to get these guys, they'll hold off the Marines with their shotgun and pea-shooter hand-pistols. More likely they'll get drunk and shoot their neighbor. Or wife or kids.

Or maybe they're being paid to be out there. Unemployed, nothing better to do. Show up, walk around with a sign, look like a fool. What's it pay?

You wonder where these people get their news. Just kidding. Obviously they listen to the deaf drug addict on the radio, and the rent-boys at Rupert Murdoch's Whorehouse. Who, for whatever bizarre reasons, have convinced these old white dudes that somebody is going to take away their guns. Have I missed something? Is there some pending legislation to seize weapons? No, there isn't. Nobody said anything about guns, boys. Go home and take a nap. You'll feel better later. And lay off the fried food.

One of the morons trying to incite violence, a dude from Alabama (we are not surprised) told the assembled old guys that "armed confrontation" should be reserved for instances of the government threatening people's lives. But then he explained that if the governmend tried to arrest someone because they didn't have health insurance, that might be good enough. I wonder where he studied law? University of U-R-Stupid?

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