Monday, March 8, 2010

Rahm Emanuel: Tough Guy? Or Just Another Slick Money-Grubbing Politician?

I'm so sick of reading these stories about how Rahm Emanuel is such a tough guy. Oh really? What exactly has he ever done to deserve that title? He's a big-mouthed bully, that's for sure. But other than being a big talker, what exactly has he done that is so "tough?"

When the U.S. was in war against Iraq in the First Gulf War, what was Rahm's role? Did he join the U.S. military? Did he volunteer to go fight for his country? Did he pick up a gun or climb into a tank or an airplane? No he did not. Instead, Rahm sashayed over to Israel and "volunteered" to serve their military. According to him, he learned how to repair brakes in the motor pool. Now you may find that story to be as absurd as I do, but working in the motor pool isn't really all that "tough."

In Congress, what did Rahm do? How was the tough guy able to show his strength, get something done? Well, he sucked up to Wall Street. He was known as Wall Street's favorite politician. You know why? Because they gave him more money than any other politician. Does that make him tough? No. Supporting the interests of the criminal class over the people is lucrative, that's for sure. But tough? Not as I can see it. Standing for the people and against Wall Street, now that's a tough position.

We know when progressives were trying to put pressure on blue dog Democrats to get real healthcare reform, Rahm Emanuel bullied his way into a meeting and called the grassroots progressives all F-ing Retards. Is that tough? Or just a big-mouthed bully? And whose side is he on, anyway? When you're a politician and you're standing on the side of the health insurance companies, standing against the poor, the uninsured, the sick, the dying citizens, does that really mean you're tough?

If Rahm Emanuel is so tough, so good at getting things done, getting votes for legislation, then why is it that a whole year has gone by since Obama was inaugurated and we have not seen one piece of legislation to help the people of this country? Good at doing what exactly? Benefiting himself, yes, good at that. He's apparently good at planting stories in newspapers talking about how wonderful he is.

Democratic Rep. Eric Massa who has just announced he will be resigning his position because of sexual harassment claims made against him, said that Rahm Emanuel is the "son of the devil's spawn" who would "sell his own mother to get a vote."

But what votes was Massa talking about? Rahm brags about his terrific record at getting legislation passed, or getting the votes he wants, but what votes does he want? What votes does he brag about? A vote on a healthcare "reform" bill that does nothing to help the citizens, but will give an additional $100-$200 Billion Dollars per year to the Medical Industry: health insurance, doctors, hospitals and drug sellers. Does that make Rahm Emanuel tough, to work to steal more money from taxpayers and give it to the monopoly medical industry, knowing that will lead to the deaths of thousands more Americans? Does that make him tough?

Perhaps the vote in Congress to refuse to pass a national usury law? Is that a vote Rahm pushed? That certainly helped Rahm's Wall Street friends.

Does Rahm brag about the decision to not only refuse to pass single-payor, but also to refuse to allow people over 50 to buy into Medicare (which was promoted by some) and finally to refuse to even have a public option, whatever that meant. Did Rahm support the vote to let insurance companies set up shop in the poorest states but sell everywhere, only be subject to regulations from the poorest states, meaning no regulations at all? Is he talking about votes to keep these murderous wars going, to send billions of taxpayer dollars to Israel, to threaten Iran, to invade Pakistan? Are those the votes where Rahm is showing his toughness?

For the people of this country, Rahm Emanuel does nothing, and never has. Ever since Obama was inaugurated, Emanuel has been repeatedly quoted by friendly reporters criticizing Obama and everyone else in the White House, and taking credit for anything good that may have happened. Who plants these adoring "Rahm's so cute" stories in the newspapers, other than Rahm Emanuel?

I'll bet Rahm Emanuel's got an office full of mirrors smeared with the print of his own lips. Go home Rahm.

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