Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey Bart Stupak: How About A "Hyde Amendment" For The Anti-War Crowd?

How did somebody named Bart Stupak get elected to Congress? Oh that's right -- he's a Democrat. A typical moronic inconsequential little man who thinks he can make a name for himself by murdering women. Or at least ensuring their deaths. The entire state he represents (Michigan) has the highest unemployment in our country. People are losing their homes, sleeping in their cars. They have no jobs. They have no healthcare. They have no money. The only food they get comes from a food bank or some other charity.

And Bart Stupak is worrying about their sex lives. "Oh, no abortions for the bad old women," says Bart Stupak. Finally finding a cause, something stupid he can stand behind. Because he's useless in all respects. So he will drape himself with the crucifix-blooded anti-abortion crusades of all the other fascist women-haters in this country.

The abortion compromise: There are some people who are opposed to abortion. To accommodate their views, Congress passed a law (the Hyde amendment) making it illegal for federal funds to be used for abortions. There's been so much molly-coddling of Bart Stupak over the past few weeks, because this little man with the big puffy hairdo is so worried that some poor woman in this country might be able to get some assistance to pay the bill if she gets an abortion. Not while Bart Stupak is in charge. No-Sir-Ee.

Now viagra is another story. Bart Stupak has nothing against taking taxpayer money and buying viagra so all the men in the country can have four-hour erections. "Isn't there something in the constitution," wonders Bart Stupak, "about men being entitled to hard erections?" "Or was that just the Bible," Bart Stupak mutters to himself.

Okay Bart Stupak. Here's a brain-tickler for you. What about my constitutional rights? Or don't I have any, because I'm just a woman. And I certainly don't have a big puffy hairdo like Bart Stupak does.

I am opposed to war. Lots of other Americans are. Why can't we get an amendment passed saying that none of our money can be used for war. Let the gun-loving barrel-sucking NRA and all the fascist Republicans pay for the wars, since they love them so much. How about somebody in congress standing up for the rights of people who prefer not to have the blood of the Blackwater assassins on their hands?

What do you say Bart? Now that your 15 minutes of fame are gone, and you will return to your otherwise useless parasitic life sitting in Congress doing absolutely nothing to help the people of Michigan, why don't you take up this cause? We don't want the war. We don't want to pay for it. What do you say, Bart? Could you get your mind around trying to stop the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people? Or is that of no interest to you? Do you only enjoy political topics that center on women's vaginas, over which you dream of ruling?

And by the way: every time a woman dies because of a back-alley abortion, somebody needs to tell Bart Stupak that he's killed another woman.

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