Monday, March 1, 2010

The Politicians Are Shocked, Shocked To Learn That Blue Cross/Anthem Is Engaged In Plundering The Citizens.

There's been a lot of hand-wringing and tsk-tsking from the state and federal governments following the announcement by Blue Cross/Anthem that they were raising premiums on individual policies in California by 40%. This despite record and obscene profits made in that state by this despicable business.

We have state lawmakers conducting "inquiries" into the insurance company. And we have the federal government under the direction of Barack Obama looking seriously at Blue Cross of California (Anthem). But don't believe these politicians for one minute. When push comes to shove they won't do a thing, won't lift a finger to help the poor people being plundered by this criminal insurance company. You know why? Because the politicians have taken bribes from Blue Cross and will do as told-- do nothing, keep quiet, take the money.

That's why the politicians are proposing that we "solve" the problems with healthcare by ordering 45 million Americans to buy overpriced but inadequate health insurance -- mostly from Blue Cross which has a monopoly position. The result of this will be to bring an additional $100 to $200 Billion dollars in income to the health insurance companies every year. Do you know how many kick-backs and bribes to politicians that can fund?

This reminds me of the scene in Casablanca. Claude Rains played a cop who drinks and gambles at Ric's cafe every night. When the Nazis tell Claude Rains to shut down Ric's cafe, he orders it shut claiming "I am shocked, shocked to find that there is gambling going on in this establishment." Then he tells the guy at the gambling table to hold his winnings for him -- he'll pick them up later.

In 2008, Blue Cross gave Barack Obama $200,000. That's a nice generous contribution. What do you think they get in return? It appears they get the right to screw the public. In all, they gave $1.2 million to Democrats and $1.0 million to Republicans. An equal opportunity corruption scheme in which all our politicians sell us out.

You want to know why, really, our healthcare system is unaffordable, why so many people can't even afford life-savings drugs or life-saving treatments, why so many people go broke trying to pay for insurance, why so many people die from a lack of healthcare in this country? It's because our politicians are all corrupt. They take bribes from the medical industry, then they turn their backs, shut the door and close their windows so they don't have to listen to the terrified moans of the dying citizens in the streets.

Let's look at the top political recipients of money from Blue Cross in 2008. And the number one guy is: our savior, President Obama.

Top Recipients
Senate Obama, Barack $197,100
Senate McCain, John $94,930
Senate Clinton, Hillary $54,028
Senate Levin, Carl $48,100
Senate Chambliss, Saxby $36,200
Senate McConnell, Mitch $32,000
Senate Graham, Lindsey $23,950
Senate Warner, Mark $23,200
Senate Baucus, Max $23,000
Senate Wyden, Ron $22,400
Senate Coleman, Norm $22,000
House Camp, Dave $20,500
House Cantor, Eric $20,000
Senate Harkin, Tom $19,700
Senate Sessions, Jeff $19,000
House Pomeroy, Earl $18,750
House Udall, Mark $17,400
Delegate Richardson, Bill $16,500
Senate Dole, Elizabeth $16,300
Senate Barrasso, John A $16,000

I think they should start putting the Blue Cross symbol on headstones in graveyards to show what really is killing our people: corruption and greed.

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