Monday, March 8, 2010

Avatar Is Not An Animated Feature. It's a Cartoon.

I haven't seen it. I really disliked "Titanic." I thought it was a bloated ridiculous manipulative hysterical piece of crap. That's why I didn't go see Avatar. That plus the fact that I don't like the whole idea that people can make movies without using human beings as actors. It's like we're being replaced. Nobody can have any role in the film except the director/ creator, and I'm not that wild about James Cameron that I want to go watch him for 120 minutes. Or him in all his personas. Who does he think he is, anyway? Woody Allen?

But mostly I dislike the whole mis-named "animated feature." It isn't. It's a cartoon. Cartoons can be terrific. They can be fun. They can be for children or for adults, or families. But it's still a cartoon. I hate it when they change the name and try to pretend to be something else.

It's like calling some TV Show "Tuesday Theater." It's not theater -- it's TV.

I really liked having a woman finally win as best director. Usually there aren't even any women nominated, because nobody in the industry will let women direct movies. The reason is sexism. They want to exclude women from good-paying powerful jobs. They want to keep women as servants or sex objects. The good jobs, the power, should be kept with the white males. Only.

So I liked having a woman win. Maybe this will open up more director jobs for women. The fact that it was the ex-wife of Cameron, the director of Avatar, added a comic element to the competition. I usually root for the ex-wives. And I'm glad her film won because people say that you can't make films about Iraq that anybody will want to see.

I suspect that you can't make decent war films until the war is over, and people are willing to take an honest look at what it was all about. But this is a good start, and hopefully it's a signal that these wars will soon be ended. If nothing else, if our entire country is bankrupt, doesn't that mean we can't afford to keep waging wars? Is that what we could call the upside of poverty? Oh yeah -- and we're also supposed to learn to appreciate the small things in life. Like you should be happy to eat rice and beans for dinner. Every night. While Wall Street dines on truffle souffles.

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