Thursday, March 18, 2010

Davy Crockett (Fess Parker) Is Dead

Fess Parker, an actor who became famous in the 1950s playing Davy Crockett on a television series and later in some Disney-produced movies, has died at his home in California at the age of 85. He was beloved by young people across the country who believed he was "the" original cowboy/frontiersman, and that he was noble, strong, heroic, honest and decent. And that all Americans were. He wore a coonskin hat in the Davy Crockett show, and reproductions soon appeared on the heads of boy children around the nation. He was like a John Wayne type of character for the boomer kids. He also played Daniel Boone in another TV series. He spent his later years owning and operating a winery in the Central Coast of California.

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  1. I will sadly miss Fess Parker. He was a was a joy as a friendly local resident and Boss. When he opened Fess Parkers Red Lion Inn (now the Double Tree) in Santa Barbara I was on the opening team and was fortunate to work for him. My condolence's to his lovely wife Marcella and children. My friends and I have been in tears for your loss today. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Patricia Martins