Thursday, August 27, 2009

Senator Feingold Calls For A Timetable For The Withdrawal Of U.S. Troops From Afghanistan.

Wonderful Senator. Terrific idea. No goals, no timetable, no explanation to the world as to why we're there, when we're going to get out. Every day it becomes more and more like Vietnam.

Here's my suggested timetable: September 1, 2009.

Are you listening, President Obama? End the Wars. Bring the troops home. Get the mercenaries out of Afghanistan too -- the so-called "private contractor" assassins that we have sent into that country and Iraq to indiscriminately murder the civilians. Do something to help the American people and stop pursuing the Bush-Cheney Wars Against Everyone.

Stop killing the poor people of Afghanistan. Give funding (it's called damages, or reparations) to NGOs, and let them use it to hire Afghanis to build homes and everything else we're destroyed, conditioned on them ending the violence against and oppression of women.

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