Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Democrats Have Received Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Bribes To Make Sure They Will Not Pass A Law To Provide Americans With Health Care.

It's suddenly become popular to speculate about what on earth is going on with the Democrats. Why haven't they just written and passed a law to provide all Americans with healthcare. Something simple such as Medicare for All, for example. Anyone who wants to can buy into Medicare, with premiums presumably much lower than what private insurance charges. Also sliding scale or subsidized for low-income people. Anybody who wants private insurance is free to keep it. Why not do what is most obvious, simplest to do, and would solve the problem?

We hear silly speculation while people ignore the obvious. For example, I've heard that the Democrats "have no stomach" for confrontation with the Republicans. Someone has suggested that the Democrats are just too nice, they don't want to pass a law unless their Republican friends will support it. Another theory is that the bedrock of Obama's presidency is a desire for bipartisanship -- a belief that unless the Republicans support a policy, he won't sign the bill. I've also heard that the Democrats have "lost their way," the poor dears, have suffered a "failure of will," or simply "do not have the spine" to stand up to the Republicans. I've now begun hearing that the Republicans have "won" on this issue. Really? How is it possible that the Republicans can win anything when they've only got 21% of the country supporting them?

I actually got an e-mail yesterday from Barbara Boxer's son, who is apparently involved in politics, and is trying to raise money for some Democratic candidates who want to run for office in 2010. He had the nerve to start his e-mail solicitation by explaining to me that the Democrats currently have a razor-thin majority in Congress, a slim advantage, and we must send more money to the Democrats so they can win more seats. And then, when they've got 80%, or maybe 90% control, then maybe they'll actually do something to help the people. My response, too vulgar to be repeated here, was that I would not send one penny to any Democrats, and am seriously thinking about campaigning to throw them all out of office. It's like the rich people on Wall Street whining that their bonuses aren't as big this year. These people just don't understand how bad it is out here in the real world.

But anyway, I have no time for such speculation, nor am I inclined to participate in such nonsense.

The Democrats never intended to pass a program to provide healthcare for the citizens. It was just a slogan for them. Under Clinton, the Democrats abandoned the working people and became the party of the corporation. Corporations give them money, and the Democrats do whatever the corporations tell them to do. The Democratic Party is a criminal enterprise and we're the victims. Their motto should be "Show Me The Money."

Go ahead -- complain to somebody. It's like the cops are coming into your little corner business and shaking you down every week for money. What're you going to do? Call a cop? We're in the same position. The Democrats are involved in a criminal enterprise, looting the treasury, robbing us blind, selling their votes, betraying the constitution and their oath of office,
hiring consultants at millions of dollars to prepare slick campaigns to fool us into thinking they really like us.

Have you ever known teenagers who truly believe that some teen heartthrob "likes" them. They can tell because when they saw the heartthrob, it seemed like he was looking right at them? Harmless fantasy. But our whole society is infected with it, well past the teen years, it has passed from amusing distraction to psychotic delusions. If you think that anyone in the Democratic party "really" cares about you or your life, or your credit card bills that you can't pay down, or your old refrigerator that is making such weird noises but which you cannot afford to replace, about the aching tooth that you can't get fixed, about the soft tires that may kill you on your commute, about your aching back and insomnia and grinding despair because you cannot dig out of this hole -- if you think the Democrats, or even one of them, cares at all about you or your problems, you are delusional.

The criminal enterprise works like this. First, No-Change Obama held secret (they called them "private") meetings with the big-money boys in the Medical Industry. First he met with the health insurance big-boys in a secret meeting. What was discussed? Is it possible, dare I be so cynical as to suggest that they negotiated a shake-down, a pay-off. The insurers agree to give a certain amount of money to the Democratic politicians if the politicians promise they will not even consider single-payer, Medicare for all, or anything that will cut into the profits of the insurance industry. Is that what was discussed? If not, why was the meeting secret?

Next, No-Hope Obama held secret (they called them "private") meetings with the Drug Dealers of America, who call themselves the Pharmaceutical Industry. Another shake-down and sell out. I believe there were also meetings with God -- the AMA, the representative of all the doctors in this country who think they are God because they have succeeded, through propaganda, in convincing the public that they are God, and they need to steal millions every year from every community in this country while providing routine, uninspired services to the local population, and bribing politicians to pass laws so they can't be sued for their too-frequent malpractice.

The Democrats refuse to pass any law to provide healthcare for Americans because they have taken so much money in bribes from the Medical Industry, and have been promised millions more in the future. The Democrats are corrupt. They are criminals. They are running a criminal enterprise, deceiving and selling out the public while they make themselves rich. So sad, but ultimately true.

We can't afford to buy the Democrats' loyalty because we're not as rich as the corporations. The only way we can get anything out of our government would be massive civil disobedience -- massive work shut-downs, a general strike, a confrontation between millions of our citizens and the bureaucrats who are selling us out. There is no other way.

(From the Center for Responsive Politics):

The group of people known as "Health Professionals" give more money to politicians, as a group, than all but four other categories. Health Professionals include doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, everyone providing health-care services as well as their "profesional" associations. What do they want? More Money. That's why they keep paying so much in bribes to our politicians. They want to be paid more from Medicare. They want the government to pay them more for everything they do.

They want laws passed making it impossible for any victim to sue any doctor or healthcare professional for malpractice, even if they cut off the wrong leg, even if they kill somebody, even if they were drunk at the time they provided the services. And most important of all, they want to prevent the government from setting up a program that would provide healthcare for all Americans, subject to a compensation scheme established by the government. These people paid $82 million to politicians during 2008. What did they get for their money? We're seeing the results right now: no healthcare program to help the citizens of this country.

But that's not all. The insurance industry paid $47 million to the politicians in 2008. What is it they wanted in return for that money? Well, just to start, they don't want a single-payer healthcare system which would put them out of business. They don't want a public option which would allow Americans to opt out of the private insurance field. And guess what? For $47 million, it appears that they were successful in bribing the politicians to do exactly what they want.

But that's not all. This is like one of those game shows where they keep telling the winner about more and more prizes that they've won. That's not all. In addition to all the bribes paid to our politicians as described above, they also got a whole bunch of money from the Drug Dealers of America aka the pharmaceutical companies. You know. The ones that keep telling us that they're going to cure cancer, but instead we keep seeing commercials on TV with supermodels pushing drugs that will make our eyelashes thicker. They kicked in an additional $30 million in bribes to the politicians in 2008 to make sure that nobody passes a law to require discounted prices on any drugs sold to Americans. Or maybe, better put, would be to say that Congress could pass a law saying the Drug Dealers can no longer charge Americans three times, or ten times what they charge people in other countries.

I hope the progressives voices in the media stop all this silly speculation about what might explain the refusal of the Democrats to do what is right, obvious, apparent, and most cost-efficient: let everyone buy into Medicare.

The reason the Democrats won't do it is because they have negotiated shake-downs with the big-boys from the medical industry, they have taken bribes and arranged for future bribes of hundreds of millions of dollars, and they don't care that Americans cannot afford healthcare and so end up living in pain and misery, suffering, and dieing young.

Why is it the Republicans keep showing up at public meetings, often brandishing weapons to suggest they will violently overthrow the government if some of us are allowed to buy into Medicare? How did this get so crazy so fast? Why aren't these people being arrested and who is encouraging Americans to bring guns out in public to terrorize their neighbors? All of this is happening because the Democrats have allowed it to happen, I suspect they even want it to happen, so they can now go back to the public in September and say "Well, we tried to pass healthcare reform, but the Republicans wouldn't let us.

I've got a better idea. Let's just have a general strike. The Democrats keep ignoring us. I don't have enough money to bribe them, but I'm sure willing to go sit down somewhere, in a road or an office or in front of a building, and see if I can get their attention that way.


  1. I am so glad I read TruthDig today and found your blog. My brother and I have been advocating a general strike since about December of last soon as we recognized what it was that we had really worked so hard for. But dagnabit if that sliver of hope isn't still in there. I was born into a Democrat family, but apparently, we are no longer Democrats according to party rules. That's okay, we are all about throwing all the bums out and starting over. It would be awesome to start the process with a general boycott/strike.

  2. I am not ready to give up on the Democrats yet...who else would you turn to...certainly not the Republicans? I understand everyone's frustrations...but I got to believe that the Democrats have something up their sleeve...and will win this poker game...I believe that there will be a public option when it all done...keep the hope and believe in the words of President Obama "YES WE CAN!"

  3. I have waves of despair and tiny glimmers of hope. Guess which is winning out? I will do what I can to push a Medicare for All system, since I have no idea what they mean by a "public option," and nobody's ever explained it. Basically I want out of the private health insurance system and would be happy to pay monthly premiums to buy into a public program. Premiums based on income, subsidized for the lower-income. But to get out of this private insurance system.

    I've written elsewhere about the obscene fees charged by medical providers (not nurses) for their services, every doctor getting rich, hospital-owners looting communities and throwing the people into bankruptcy. If enough of us could get into a public system, and have the government set the rates, that could end the primary problem with our healthcare program: it's run by a bunch of criminals and thieves. I just got charged $1200 for a 15 minute consult with a doctor at the ER. It's theft, pure and simple.

    If the doctors don't like the new fees, great, let's import all our doctors from India just like the businesses do. You know, companies like Microsoft throw all the Americans out of work and bring in foreign workers at significant discount. But when it comes to the doctor's lobby, they prevent competition, they prevent people from going to medical school, they keep the prices up through a variety of unfair business practices.

    And don't even get me started on the drug pushers who call themselves pharmaceutical companies. My mother had a very serious illness years ago, and they actually had the nerve to tell her that there was a drug that could help her, but it would cost $1,000/week. Who has that kind of money? Good thing they didn't say it to my face, or I would have punched them. It's unconscionable.

    Watch Bill Moyers tonight, because he's got somebody on who just made a documentary on the subject of price gouging in the medical industry. We can't solve this problem until was bust down the prices. And get rid of private insurance, which is really just a protection racket.

    As for the Democrats, if they don't pass real health care reform, I will change my registration to independent. Then send the leaders a letter explaining why. I don't know what else to do, since they have completely ignored me and all other progressives since we got them elected.