Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Give Us A National Healthcare Program Or Forget About The 2010 Elections. (Here They Come Again, ... And Here I Go.)

Didn't we just finish an election in which hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted buying commercial time on Rupert Murdoch's Whorehouse, paying "consultants" and propaganda specialists to create campaigns full of lies and deceit? Didn't most of our politicians just take a two-year vacation to travel around the country from fancy hotel to five-star restaurants, to dine with millionaires and sit while their subjects lauded them with accolades, and while our country went to hell in a handbasket? Didn't the Democrats just finally take the white house and both parts of Congress, and didn't they promise the public lots of things they would do for us, "if only" we helped them get elected?

What're they waiting for? So far, they've done nothing.

Oops. Too late. Six months have passed, and now the Democrats are ready to start the next two-year vacation-campaign. We "need" to prepare for 2010, or so they say. We "must" begin fundraising in earnest because the Democrats only have a "slim majority," a "razor-thin" majority in Congress. And because those Republicans are so mean, that 20% of the country that is Republican, they're just too tough. That mean old Sarah, we need to raise half a billion dollars by the end of this month to launch a new media campaign against mean old Sarah.

I can't believe I'm already getting fund-raising solicitations from Democrats. I'm stunned. It's as if they have no conscience. Or they think we're really stupid.

Here's the Democratic propaganda phrase of the week, in case you're not on the e-mail lists or have missed the cable news appearances of top-level Democrats. Here it comes. Ready? "Health Insurance Reform." That's the new phrase. It's revisionism at warp speed. It's a lie. The Democrats this week are claiming that what the public is demanding is "Health Insurance Reform." But that's a lie. What the public is demanding is a National Health Care Program. We don't want no stinkin' insurance. We want a national healthcare program so that when we get sick, we can go to the doctor and get treated. Screw the insurance companies which are just a protection racket, often involved in criminal activities, and serve no legitimate purpose except to launder money to pay bribes to the politicians.

So let's look at the deterioration of the original concept of a national health care program which would provide health care to all Americans free of charge. Which should include dental, because dental problems can cause, and are often indicative of, serious or even deadly illness such as heart disease.

First, many of us want single-payer. You go to the doctor, the doctor submits the bill to the government, government pays according to their payment schedule. Like Medicare. Some call it Medicare for All. We could even have people under 65 buy into the system, pay a certain amount every month. The difference would be that it would be a non-profit system so the insurance company wouldn't be in the middle taking their 30% take off the top. And if somebody got sick, the system couldn't jack up their monthly payment, or force them out, like private insurance does. Hopefully the monthly charges would be radically less than private insurance premiums. There are existing actuarial data which would allow quick and easy calculation of monthly charges based on income and means. By "means," I mean that if somebody had a low income but also had $2.0 million net worth, they would have to pay for their share.

As soon as they had wrung every penny out of us in the last two elections, run us ragged dedicating our time making phone calls, going to rallies, going door to door, doing everything asked of us to get Democrats elected, the Democrats announced that they really didn't care what their supporters wanted, they would not even consider a single-payer system. How embarrassing for us. How foolish we seem, with hindsight.

To quell the uproar, Obama announced there would be something called a "public option," though nobody has ever explained what it's going to be. I suspect it's just another word for bullshit, and that's why they won't explain it.

Then, as we all know, there were a series of secret meetings between Obama and the big-money men from the health industry. At the end of which time the Democrats had apparently secured not only millions more in donations for themselves, but the promise of hundreds of millions more in the future. Like Judas, there was a quid pro quo. The Democrats promised they would do nothing to change the health care system in any significant manner. No help for the people, nothing for the poor, no cost controls, not so much as a drop of sympathy never mind treatment for the sick and dieing.

Rahm Emanuel, Wall Street's Favorite Politician, the man who distinguished his career by his devotion to taking money for himself and controlling money paid out to his co-conspirators in Congress, is against any kind of real health care program for the peasants, the chumps, the working people. He even came out and said no "public option," whatever that is. Obama's Chief of Staff. Obama then came out and said a public option isn't really important. Same with Kathleen Sebelius. That was the propaganda slogan for last week-end: public-option isn't imperative.

Somebody, maybe a Republican, maybe a democrat, came up with an alternative they call an "insurance co-op." I can already tell you what this will be: a marketing and sales opportunity for insurance companies funded by the taxpayers. The taxpayers will give more money to insurance companies, and they will come and put on fancy forums for us, and explain to us how we need to pay more, buy more, give them more money. Co-op my ass. Co-ops for apartments or for string-beans are okay. Co-ops for health insurance are just a plan to force Americans to give more money to health insurance companies who, in turn, will keep raising our premiums, denying our claims, bankrupting the people, and putting many of our neighbors into early graves.

And now we get the 2010 campaign solicitations beginning. I hope everyone will write back (go to their web-sites if the solicitation e-mails are no-reply). Tell the Democrats that you will not give them one penny, or do anything to help them, and will not even vote for them unless they pass health care reform. Something which gives the public the equivalent of a Medicare for All, a non-profit system people can buy into and get out of the private insurance system.

To be clear: The public does not want "Health Insurance Reform." That's a new bullshit phrase designed to confuse the issue.

The public wants a national health care program for all Americans. Screw the insurance companies. And stop trying to hide behind the Republicans. They're not in charge and nobody cares what they want. If they don't want to participate, let them stick with private insurance.

Remember that great Dolly Parton song, "Here You Come Again." Some good-looking charmer keeps coming back and fooling this woman, looking good, saying all the right things, and she falls for it again and again. But finally she wakes up, and when he comes in her direction she turns right around and walks away. That's what we need to do to the Democrats. They should be ashamed of themselves asking us for money when they have breached every single promise they made to us. If they lose Congress in 2010, it's okay with me. What's the difference if they won't pass any bills unless the Republicans agree with them.

Here You Come Again, And Here I Go. You tell them, Dolly.

"Here you come again
Lookin' better than a body
Has a right to
An' shakin' me up so
That all I really know
Is here you come again
An' here I go."

P.S.: I just got an e-mail from the Obama group called "Organizing for America." If you don't know already, this is an Obama-supporters group that is intended to prevent people from actually acting like a real grassroots group, and instead just do whatever Obama wants. In any event, their e-mail twice identifies the key battle on-going today as the need for Health Insurance Reform. That's the propaganda term of the week, and it means bullshit.

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