Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're Broooo-oooooke!

In the early part of this century, the Republican-owned oil and gas companies jacked up the price of oil and gas being sold to consumers in the state of California, stealing a lot of money from a lot of people. In response, the people of California threw out their Democratic Governor and replaced him with a grotesquely-inflated and contorted body builder and former B-movie Republican actor named Arnold Schwarzenegger (the "Terminator").

Today, the Terminator announced that he had completed the task that had been assigned to him by the Republican Party and the corporations that own them: destroy the state of California. Demolish it. Bankrupt it. Blow up the entire state budget, shut down the schools, let the freeways break apart and the bridges collapse, sell the off-shore drilling rights and the water and the trees and anything else in that state that is of value. Destroy the liberals, the Democratic stronghold, the source of funding and money for the Democrats. Crush them.

Consistent with Republican neoliberal and neocon views, he vows to veto any law to raise taxes on rich people (like him and his wife), and instead proposes balancing the budget by eliminating all healthcare for poor children, turning elementary classes into gymnasium-sized holding pens, and selling off anything of value in the state.

Why did people think that a freak like this would be a good person to put in charge of the largest state in the country? I have nothing against him personally, but he is a body-builder, a freak, a very bad actor, and has no qualifications whatsoever to do a civil job in the government, nevermind to be the top guy in charge.

Are Americans really so stupid that they think these silly movies are real? If so, God help us, we'll probably get Tom Cruise running the whole country one of these days. The last time people elected a very bad B-movie ex-actor, in Reagan, he bankrupt the entire country. Get it? Republicans are thieves. When they are elected, they let their friends loot the whole place.

Here's the simple truth: we need to raise taxes on rich people and businesses. There is so much money in California, so many rich people, so many successful businesses. And despite their whining, they don't pay nearly enough in taxes. But the Republican mantra seems to hold sway. So instead of raising taxes on the people and businesses who earn hundreds of millions of dollars every year, the state of California will increase the taxes paid by children when they buy a soda pop or a pack of gum.

Talk about child abuse: the whole state, all the adults, screw the kids, want them to have nothing, so the adults can keep all their money and spend it on useless crap for themselves. Republican Family Values: Screw the Children.

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