Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Corruption From The Democrats On Health Care. The Democrats are Liars and Cheats and Thieves.

I just got a ridiculous e-mail from Obama about his latest twist on the health care "reform" that he promised us. Now the word "reform" no longer appears. Instead, we're going to get some kind of "consumer protection" which I can tell you right now will do absolutely nothing to help most people in this country.

Remember it started out as single-payer which, when explained, it turns out some huge percentage of the public wants that. Everybody gets healthcare just like they get fire department and police department protection, and their kids get to go to public schools. Taxes pay for those expenses. But the top Democrats who were busy hustling bribes from the biggest criminals in the medical industry -- doctors' lobbies, hospital businesses, drug dealers -- quickly came out and announced, without debate, that single payer was off the table. They refused to even consider it. Despite the fact that the public wanted it. And in return, Democrats have received millions of dollars in bribes and kick-backs from the Medical Industry.

Then we get some vague, un-defined phrase from Obama about a "public option," except nobody will tell us what it means. I've gotten many e-mails from Obama people wanting me to go knock on my neighbor's doors to rally them to support Obama's "public option." And every time that I ask them what the public option means, they tell me they don't know. They have no idea. It just sounds good. But it doesn't sound good to me. It sounds like meaningless propaganda to me.

Then today we get the "consumer protections" propaganda announcement from Obama. No single payer. No public option. Instead, we get "consumer protections." Just like the protections they passed recently for credit cards. They did nothing to restrict the interest rate charged, or the absurd fees, and instead only said that before the credit card company can send Guido and Carmine out to break your knees, they have to send you a two-week written notice. Big whoop-dee-doo. It is meaningless and does nothing. Here's Obama's ridiculous list of "consumer protections."

1. "No discrimination for pre-existing conditions." What does that mean? "discrimination?" It is a meaningless term in this context. Every time a state moves to outlaw the exclusion of pre-existing conditions, the insurance companies drop it voluntarily. And instead, they say okay, we'll include the pre-existing condition -- but it will cost you thousands of dollars per month extra. It's just a meaningless nonsensical term "no discrimination."

2. "No exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles or co-pays." Who decides what is exorbitant? How about a cap on premiums? No mention of that? They plan to limit co-pays to $40, but raise premiums by $200/month? Meaningless.

3. "No cost-sharing for preventive care." Meaningless. Everybody can go to their local healthcare district and get a free blood pressure, blood panel, weight/fat check every year for little to no cost. "Preventive" care means what in this context? I'll bet it doesn't include mammograms, for example.

4. "No dropping of coverage if you become seriously ill." They don't drop coverage anymore. They try to rescind the policy on the grounds that it was fraudulently obtained. Or, they just increase the premiums to the point that they are unaffordable.

5. "No gender discrimination." Nonsense. What exactly does this mean? They'll pay for birth control? It's a throw-away issue. It's supposed to fool women into thinking something good is happening, but it's really meaningless.

6. "No annual or lifetime caps on coverage." A "lifetime" cap is not part of most people's policies for healthcare. They do have yearly caps, and will continue to do so. And besides, most people cannot afford healthcare because the monthly premiums are too much, and they go bankrupt because their share for the medical treatment is too high. This whole issue of a lifetime cap affects a small minority of people. For most of us, this plan by Obama gives us nothing. No relief, no help.

7. "Extended coverage for young adults." So what? Someone 18 can be carried by their parents paying premiums for a few extra years? Meaningless. Of little if any value. People can buy insurance for their kids now by paying for it.

8. "Guaranteed insurance renewal so long as premiums are paid." Again, this is nonsense. I know someone who was 59 and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His premiums went from $300/month to $1200/month, which he could not afford, so he no longer has insurance. Saying that you can have insurance as long as you pay the premiums does nothing to help people. Of course you can. The problem is that people cannot afford it

Obama and the Democrats have completely abandoned all fair and honest efforts to help the people of this country. Billions for wall street, millions for the politicians, nothing for the people. Where did I just read that Sen. Kerry has collected $9 million this year from the health care industry, in bribes, to get him to oppose any real reform. Sen Feinstein collected $2.0 million. Money well-spent because neither of them will do anything to help the American people.

And then for Obama to have the nerve to send me this lying deceitful e-mail saying that he's doing something to help me -- consumer protections. I know what I want for help: single-payer. Let us buy into medicare, to start, paying premiums at some set amount, based on income. Start by letting everyone over 50 buy into the system. Instead, while this same administration is seeing millions of Americans thrown out of work, barely able to afford shelter, there is no assistance for people to get healthcare. The same people who are least likely to be re-hired because of age, the same people whose premiums are more likely to be high because of age, get nothing from Obama's latest ridiculous "reform" proposals.

I'm not surprised, but I am disgusted.


  1. Hey Nab...

    I just dropped by and read your comments about the new set of healthcare promises. This is an issue I don't follow, because there's a limit to what my already frazzled brain can handle, but your list was a gentler survey of some of the many, many dodges and switch-backs ahead with hybrid healthcare and the usual crazy grab-bag of regulations that lobbyists will design to deceive and defraud the rest us helpless meatballs in the American melting-pot.

    We can't stand the heat, but we can't get out of the kitchen.

  2. I see Senator Dodd has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will immediately undergo treatment. That means he will have a consult and testing with doctors and labs, all paid-for by a government-funded and run healthcare system that provides the best healthcare in the world -- to the Senators.

    Then he will have surgery, and all his costs -- the hospital room, the nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, pre-op, post-op, recovery -- will be paid by the government-funded and run healthcare system provided to the Senators.

    Then he will have post-operative treatment again, all paid for by the same federal healthcare system.

    He will probably pay less (even if he has co-pays) for his cancer than I will pay for my stupid little broken bones. And for everyone in the public who is pushing the idea that federally-funded healthcare won't be as good, or will include delays -- many of us, myself included, the Senators included, would be willing to put up with some restrictions in order to get free healthcare.

    I wish him well. But if the Democrats don't create a real public healthcare system, at least allowing those of us who choose to join, then we need to get honest, and just say that the U.S. has healthcare available for the rich, but not for anybody else.