Monday, July 13, 2009

Was Cheney Running A Secret Death Squad Out Of The White House?

Why has Cheney been all over the media since he left office, spreading his story that the U.S. needed to torture and murder people to keep us safe, trying to justify criminal behavior. Is there something more, Dick, that maybe you haven't told us about yet?

Well, apparently that would be a big yes. The CIA has been running a "secret" program, apparently under the direction of Dick Cheney, which Cheney instructed the CIA to "keep a secret" from Congress. His own secret goon squad he was running out of the white house with the water-boarding brigade of assassins who work at the CIA. In fact, when Leon Panetta took over as head of the CIA, the secret goon squad apparently even kept it a secret from him.

Except Panetta finally found out about the secret. And when he found out, whatever this "secret" Cheney-controlled CIA program was, Panetta immediately ordered it shut down. So what exactly was the "secret" program being run by Cheney through the CIA, and kept a secret from Congress? Now come on, this is not about a few phone taps on citizens. This sounds like a murder ring. Just like Seymour Hirsch vaguely referenced a few months ago, then pulled it back and said he would not speak about any such thing at that time. Cheney's hit squad, Murder For Hire.

A death squad being run out of the white house by that psychopath Cheney? There is already a report that it was a death squad, and they are trying to soft-pedal it by saying it was a group to murder only al Queda big-shots.

But a decision by Bush or Cheney or by the CIA to run a secret death squad out of the white house, assuming that's what went on, would be illegal. In fact, anyone involved would be guilty of murder. Cheney has no legal authority to run death squads, secretly order that others be murdered. There are strict laws in place to prevent the white house from running death squads -- laws put in place during other times when it was revealed that the white house had been doing just that, such as by multiple efforts to murder Fidel Castro. So the white house and the CIA knew these death squads were illegal, but did it anyway. Did they kill anyone? According to them, even though the program has been in place for 8 years, no, never got anyone. Bull.

"[T]he New York Times reported over the weekend that former Vice President Dick Cheney had ordered that the [secret] program be kept from Congress's oversight committees. Apparently, CIA Director Leon Panetta was told of the program's existence on June 23, four months after he took over the agency. Within 24 hours, he had canceled it and briefed the congressional oversight committees of its existence. Amid the uproar over how and why the agency kept Congress in the dark, one question that has escaped attention is, Why didn't CIA officials tell Panetta sooner?"

"The details and specific target of the program have yet to be made public. Some media reports, citing unnamed officials, say it was a plan to find and kill al-Qaeda leaders abroad. Two former CIA officials tell TIME there's another, somewhat less dramatic, possibility: a plan to conduct domestic surveillance."

Yeah, sure, that's why Cheney's so nervous -- a domestic wiretap. Come on, how stupid do they think we are? Of course it doesn't matter what the truth is, because the Democrats will once again cover it up, and vote to keep the public from finding out.

Once again, we need to remember the obvious: when a government refuses to enforce the laws against the rich and powerful, and instead fills the prisons with petty criminals and drug offenders, then this is not a democracy. It is a police state run for the benefit of the wealthy. A police state in which the rich and powerful can get away with anything -- even murder.

What do we want? Cheney in Attica.
When do we want it? Now.

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  1. Attica? Did you consider amputations?