Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blogger Down! Help! I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!

Is this a right-wing conspiracy? Only you can decide. Sonia, Hillary, Me. Coincidence? I think not.

Here's the basic really bad idea: (1) cheap plastic flip-flop shoes with a slick bottom; (2) wet lawn; (3) steep slope towards the back; (4) me climbing up the slope to feed the birds and squirrels; (5) shoe bottom hits the wet patch, I go into free-fall, do my downhill racer impersonation, ankle snaps with a loud cracking sound, several bones broken, I am down.

So is the sad tale of this blogger, felled by a good deed.
I thought about saying I was skateboarding in a friend's swimming pool and came down hard, or dove off a cliff into a lake and hit something on the way down, or broke it in my kick-boxing competition, or cracked up my car on the racetrack, or fell off my horse in an equestrian event, or landed wrong when I was skydiving, or took a header out of the hot-air balloon when it sprung a leak. But the pathetic truth is I was just filling the bird feeder. Not yet an olympic event, but maybe one of these days. I hope my loud whining doesn't disturb everyone.
Thankfully my obnoxious (is there any other kind?) orthopedic with a crappy bedside manner will operate, put in duct tape, chewing gum and bailing wire, all held together with a few screws, and I will once again be functional although hampered by crutches for the rest of the summer.

Regular blogging operations should resume by Monday the 27th.


  1. Like your blog. Don't die.

  2. Ouch!

    After a sympathetic twinge, my next reaction was...

    NAB feeds squirrels! Only in New York!

    Everywhere else, chasing those incredibly agile and persistent little mammals off the feeder is what makes bird-feeding a sport.

    And now for the good advice!

    You will be tempted to hop around the house without bothering with crutches every time you want a glass of water, or whatever.

    Do not do it! Catastrophic possibilities lurk everywhere! Relax, take a little extra time, be extra careful, and watch this...

    It's the great terranaomi, who came out of nowhere with nothing but a webcam and... genius.