Sunday, July 12, 2009

August Is International Gay And Lesbian Kiss-A-Mormon Month

Here's a link to a story about two gay men who were walking across a plaza in Salt Lake City. The plaza is owned by the Mormons. I thought everything in Salt Lake City was owned by the Mormons.

Actually, I thought the entire state of Utah was owned by the Mormons.

In any event, two gay men were walking home, cut across the plaza, and, while standing on "Mormon" ground, hugged, held hands, or kissed, and were immediately detained and hand-cuffed by a Mormon goon-squad who demanded that the homosexuals -- not be homosexual while on Mormon land. Don't ask, don't tell, don't hug, don't kiss.

The article did not say whether the Mormon goons wore swastikas on their uniforms. Or just little embroidered shirts with temples and snakes on them.

Anyway, I got a terrific idea. How hard can it be to get two homosexuals, gay or lesbian, or mixed, one with a cell-phone with picture-taking capabilities, start stalking the Mormons, then catch them when they least suspect it and kiss them. Then the one who isn't doing the kissing takes the photo. Snap. Caught-ya.

How about a web-site: International Gay And Lesbian


  1. What about Mormons in fur coats?

  2. First you rip the fur coat off the mormon's body, throw it on the ground and urinate all over it. Then you kiss the mormon, get the picture, post it on-line. Maybe I should do some on-line instructions that people can print out and distribute.