Monday, January 26, 2009

Torre to A-Rod: Yer Out!!

(I wonder what Torre was thinking as he walked with A-Rod? "Are you kidding me, now I've got to wet-nurse this whining prima donna?" Notice how A-Rod's left hand is arched, so he's just barely touching Torre with his fingertips, pretending like he's being friendly. Kind of like he always pretended he was batting in post-season.)

The New York Post (do they really write with crayons or does it just read like that) is reporting that Joe Torre's book about his years with the Yankees slams Brian Cashman and A-Rod. I don't care about Cashman, although I always thought he was highly overrated. But I really detest A-Rod, so will buy the book and relish each nuggett.

The Post reports that Torre slammed A-Rod for being emotionally needy, essentially self-centered and not a team player. Reportedly team members thought A-Rod had a kind of "Fatal Attraction" obsession with Derek Jeter. Who can blame him? Does there live a man cuter, nicer, more talented than Derek Jeter? Did A-Rod really think he could take the crown from that young prince? No chance.

I love Joe Torre. I used to be a fanatical Yankees fan, but when the Yankees let Torre go, I thought: Go Dodgers. How could the Yankees be so stupid?

I have to give credit to A-Rod for at least one thing. When he had completed his two thousandeth Yankee post-season appearance (or so it seemed) without getting a hit, or maybe more than a single, essentially showing up with a wilting bat and a bad case of the knee-shakes, somebody named him K-Rod. And that gave a big laugh to Yankee fans. For years. No matter how long A-Rod plays or how well he might do, he'll always be remembered by some as "K-Rod."

Just think about it. K-Rod is being defended by Rupert Murdoch! Ick! Doesn't that say it all?

I knew from the time he came there that he was bad news. You could just tell. He is the bad apple, the one that spoils the team no matter where he goes. What did he do for Seattle other than make a lot of other players really angry? What did he do for Texas? And what has he done for the Yankees? I honestly attribute the failure of the Yankees since he got there to win the World Series to Pretty Boy himself, Alex Rodriguez.

And come on: Madonna?

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