Friday, January 23, 2009

Caroline Kennedy Will Not Be The New Senator

I've never seen such a coordinated assault on any person like the one waged against Caroline Kennedy.

No, come to think of it, that's not true. I saw the same level of vindictive petty assaults on Obama by the rich New York Hillary Cultists who refused to accept the fact that the majority of the Democrats did not want the Clintons back in control of this country. We've had enough of the Clintons to last a lifetime. I'm so sorry to see Obama select Hillary as Secretary of State. But now that the choice is made, I hope she carries out Obama's policies and I hope her husband stops taking money (hundreds of millions of dollars to date) from foreign countries. Despite the nonsense we've heard, of course that is a conflict of interest and makes it impossible for her to be, or to appear to the world to be, unbiased in carrying out her responsibilities.

Back to Caroline Kennedy. Many of the attacks against Caroline Kennedy are obviously the result of sexist hostility and thinly-veiled violent attitudes against women who seek to take a position at the table right alongside the men. The same type of attacks that led the mass gang-rape of Sarah Palin by much of the media. I don't like Palin or anything she stands for, but she's a lot smarter than Bush was. But when George Bush opened his mouth and made clearly idiotic comments, the "boys" on the bus all let it pass, laughed with him, because Bush was a white privileged male. Palin, on the other hand, became the national kickball for all the boys to ridicule and demean because, as the boys like to think, women are stupid.

Caroline Kennedy is a traditional democrat who supports labor, women's rights, and civil rights. She has not been blinded by the glare of the Clinton smoke and mirrors, and never signed on to Bill Clinton's allegiance to the Republican party and his cooperation in destroying working people in this country. (Bill Clinton: Let's end welfare; let's cut food stamps to poor women; let's eliminate all laws for the financial cartels as long as they give me hundreds of thousands of dollars; let's pass Corporate Trade Laws to send work to India, then Bill and Hill can invest there!! Cool!!)

The people who opposed Caroline include the same Hillary Cultists who opposed Obama. The same folks who appeared publicly at Rupert Murdoch's whore house for the rabid and insane, attacking Obama on ludicrous and demented claims invented by Rupert Murdoch's hos. These cultists love the Clintons because Bill Clinton has hustled hundreds of millions of dollars since he left office, taking money from every scummy government and rich gang in the world, selling influence and access apparently based on the assumption his wife would be president. People who like that type of betrayal and lack of ethics don't like Caroline Kennedy. Caroline didn't get the position in part because the Clintons' groupies are nasty and vindictive above all else, with an enemies' list that rivals Nixon's.

It's a shame, too. We need traditional democrats, not the slick wealthy Clinton-type Republican-Crats who favor Corporate Labor laws to send jobs out of this country, favor deregulation to allow financial cartels to steal all the money from working people, who favor the wealthy and crush the poor.

One last thing: the only people allowed in the Senate are millionaires, often multi-millionaires. They all buy their seats. They have rich friends who agree to give money to the Dem/Repub party, and that's how they buy the seat. They keep their seat by soliciting bribes every single day and selling their votes. So those who criticize Caroline Kennedy on the grounds she comes from a wealthy family are absurd. You want bus drivers in the Senate? I support that. Let's kick out all the wealthy scum who buy a lifetime seat and spend their days as bag men for the party elders. But until that happens, this feigned objection to Caroline based on family money is patently absurd.

Update: Oh boy, Gov. Paterson picked an upstate barrel-sucker from a Republican district. Kirsten Gillibrand. But more important, he picked a Clintonista, someone who worked on Hillary's campaign in 2000. I see the heavy and dirty hands of the Clintons in forcing Caroline Kennedy out and giving the position to a right-wing DLC Clinton-loyalist who loves guns. So typical of the Clintons: reward their friends, screw the public.

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