Monday, January 5, 2009

A Love Song For All The Greedy Folks Ripped Off By Bernie Madoff (While Pursuing That All-American Altruistic Value of MORE MONEY).

A song about Lady Wealth, the Lady of Sure Things, Completely Guaranteed, 500% Returns Tax-Free Within Six Months, the Woman of "Can't Lose," the chanteuse of "Get More Money Now," the "Secret" Hedge Funds, Private Equity, the "Must Have Minimum $50 Million to Invest" Club. To everybody who's been ripped-off by Bernie Madoff, here's your song, your lament. Get out your hankies. A fitting tribute to your losses. - Glitter Graphics

Personally, I love seeing rich people getting screwed for a change, so don't mind me if I don't cry along with the entire Congress which has now shut down all other functions so they can hold PUBLIC hearings to LAMENT the TRAGIC losses of these otherwise USELESS multi-millionaires who thought they get make a quick buck (preferably hidden overseas in "tax-free" arrangements) by going with Mr. Slickster Madoff. Oh yeah: the money didn't disappear -- he's hidden it away, waiting for him and his useless associates whenever they finally get out of prison. Don't console yourself by believing he lost everything too -- he didn't -- he's got all your money. But you'll never find it. - Glitter Graphics

As for everybody who's out of work, everyone who will be thrown out of work in coming months, everyone in foreclosure, losing your homes, unable to pay to keep the heat on, everybody who had no money for your kids for Christmas, for all you unemployed homeless vets sleeping in the freezing air in cardboard boxes because nobody in the country can be bothered to help you: you don't count, or at least I don't see any Congressional hearings about you, no headlines, so tough luck.

For the rich people in this country who pay the big bribes to our politicians, the tiniest little inconvenience requires the attention of every bribe-seeking scum in our government. For all the working people, the 85% of us who actually work for 50 or 60 years of our lives or until we drop dead, everyone who gets by and pays the bills at best but never has any "real" money, certainly not enough money to bribe the politicians, you just don't count. For every person who's been saving for decades in a tiny little savings account (with the financial cartels now paying no interest), or a tiny little IRA in the stock market, for people like most of us who have lost half our life-time savings, stolen by the criminals on Wall Street: nothing. No hearings, no headlines. Nobody cares.

So For The Rich, I Offer A Song About The Enchanting, Handsome, Exciting Bernie Madoff

"He's Not There" ["She's Not There," slightly modified by me]
(written by: Rod Argent; performed by The Zombies)

Well no one told me about him,
the way he lied
Well no one told me about him,
how many people cried

But it's too late to say you're sorry
How would I know, why should I care
Please don't bother tryin' to find him
He's not there

Well let me tell you 'bout the way he looked
The way he'd act and the colour of his hair
His voice was soft and cool
His eyes were clear and bright
But he's not there

[At least the money's not there. He's actually sitting in his posh penthouse on the upper east side laughing all the way to his offshore private equity funds].

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