Tuesday, December 9, 2008

U.S. Department of In-Justice Indicts Illinois Democratic Governor For Talking Trash

The U.S. Department of Injustice, one of the most corrupt, useless, vile organs of the Bush administration, has decided in its waning days to rise up and strike more terror, misuse more power, against the Democrats in the country.

Well, actually yesterday they indicted a few (alleged) murderers from Blackwater, probably Republicans, the Christian mercenary organization run by the ever-so-Christian Eric Prince and receiving that most-generous Christian benefit from the Bush administration: no-bid multi-million dollar contracts to go into Iraq, kill, maim, torture, destroy, and do whatever they choose to the people, with complete immunity from prosecution in Iraq. So yesterday the Department of In-Justice indicted a few of the Blackwater thugs for murdering unarmed innocent civilians in Iraq. The mercenaries and thugs all got together and decided to "surrender" to authorities in Utah, which is really wonderful.

The Mormons have spent the past six months sending roving gangs of drooling heterosexual homophobes wandering through the streets of California terrorizing homosexuals and demanding that they be outlawed -- or at least their marriages be outlawed. Now that the election is over, there are gangs of black panted-white shirted Mormon youth on bicycles all over California wandering aimlessly, wondering what they are supposed to do now, other than sell memberships and get people signed up for the automatic deduction from their bank account. So now they have a new cause: save the mercenary murderers. I love Utah. They have nothing to do except try to think up bizarre new ways to destroy the country. That's why it's Bush country. These guys were indicted right now so that Bush can pardon every person in Blackwater when he leaves office. Watch. Talk about selling government influence -- but the Department of Injustice only goes after Democrats.

So now the Department of Injustice makes an enormous show this morning -- did you see the fireworks -- big press conference, that guy Patrick Fitzgerald standing ramrod straight with that sincere boyscout tone in his voice trying to sell the public on the idea that this is a big deal. They've got Al Capone!! They've brought down the mob!! They've arrested Bush and Cheney!! Well, not that big of a deal.

Instead, they have indicted the Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich for Talking Trash. That's it. Remember the Bush administration ran an illegal wiretap operation for years. Many people assumed they had bugs in every Democratic politician's home and office. They definitely had wiretaps on the Illinois Governor's home and office. Did they wiretap every Democratic politician in Illinois to try to intercept information about Obama's election strategy?.

Whatever the illegality of the whole thing, they claim they have recorded Governor Rod Blagojevich, Democrat, Talking Trash. Count One: Talking Trash with an aide. Count Two: Talking More Trash with another aide. He allegedly says things like "Well, maybe I should just appoint myself as Senator to take Obama's seat." And he says things like "Why shouldn't I get something out of this? Why can't I get appointed to some good job where I can make some money?" He's awfully worried about somebody getting his wife a job too -- get her out earning her own living. I wonder if the esteemed prosecutor Fitzgerald will be going after Sarah Palin too? Didn't she use her political position to get $300,000 worth of free clothes and goodies for herself and her family? Sauce for the goose and all.

I guess this prosecutor never spent much time around men, because all they ever do is talk trash. Big shots, big plans, big ideas, they're all going to be millionaires, they're all so slick, so clever. Or watch Survivor if you want to see how conniving people are in trying to get money.

This Governor may be a real jerk. He may even be corrupt. But Talking Trash is not a crime, unless you're a Democrat in a country with a corrupt justice system. This indictment is a crime, the Department of Injustice is a crime. But Talking Trash is not a crime.

Technically, I understand they have charged the Governor with conspiracy. That's almost worse than the Talking Trash allegation. A conspiracy is what the prosecutors charge when they don't have a real crime. No crime required. Conspiracy generally is defined as an agreement of two or more people to commit a crime. There are a lot of problems with charging someone with a felony crime based on the person just talking with other people, particularly when no crime ever took place. Other than Talking Trash. Beyond that, of course, the aides he was speaking with apparently were his advisors, kind of like he was talking out loud or talking to himself, and they certainly had no personal motive in any discussions other than to do their job, listen to the guy talk. So I don't think they really have a legitimate charge here. With whom did he agree? Let's see if there's a non-public deal that's quietly worked out. No fireworks or carnivals, but dismissal. This whole thing smells.

I noticed that the esteemed prosecutor Fitzgerald (remember, he declined to charge Cheney, sticking with the towel-boy instead), this boyscout, had to read aloud to the public in his press conference the "allegations," of the complaint. Allegations were -- well, actually, he wrote them, or someone in his office did. But by reading them aloud, it makes it sound like it's the truth, this is what happened.

And among the more dastardly charges that the prosecutor Fitzgerald wrote are that the Governor used the Bleep Word, over and over again. So the ever-so-proper Prosecutor Fitzgerald loudly cries out to the multitudes in the press, proudly amplifying his words with sophisticated microphones: "The Governor said ..... Bleep...." And he also used a bad word about Obama. Oh boy, that should get the Democratic support for this charade.

I don't know what the Bleep Word is. If it's the F word, then why doesn't the prosecutor join the 21st century and say "the F Word." Or better still if this Governor is accused of committing a crime, why not mention what he did. You know, what's the crime, where's the beef? All we heard is that he was Talking Trash and he used the Bleep Word. I do that every day. With my first cup of coffee.

Then Prosecutor Fitzgerald has the astonishing nerve to justify this injustice by claiming that he is doing it now, going public, having the fireworks and the carnival, because it is time that the public rises up against corruption in government. He really said that. And I thought: Buddy, look behind you, look at the people you work for. Look at Bush and Cheney. Look at everyone you have served during the past 8 years. That Clown Ashcroft, writing his own neo-nazi songs and then performing them to a captive and terrified audience. Holding Christian group meetings in federal buildings and "inviting" his employees to attend, terrorizing people to sit somewhere and listen to his delusional rantings in the hopes of keeping their jobs. And let's not overlook Alberto Gonzalez, the man who never saw a torture he didn't love. Mr. Prosecutor, do not pretend that your office is offended by corruption: your office defines the word.

So now I guess we'll see. Will this all go away. Is it just some heavy-handed threat to Democrats, maybe to force them to keep Republicans in charge of the Department of Injustice? Remember, J. Edgar Hoover survived many Presidents, Republican and Democrat, by misusing his office to spy on politicians, create dossiers on their sexual and financial patterns which could be embarrassing if exposed, and blackmailed them to keep himself in power. He also had a fabulous wardrobe of taffeta, lace, and 3" heels and is rumored to have been the inspiration for Sarah Palin's shopping binges: "I want to be just like Edgar."

Look at Elliot Spitzer: the #1 guy in the country when it came to filing securities violations lawsuits and making the Wall Street Boys pay back the money they had stolen. The Federal Government used wiretaps to follow this guy around, made up nonsensical stories about how they happened to start bugging him, and nailed him with a prostitute. They got him out of the way so he wouldn't be in a position to stop Wall Street and Congress from completing the looting of this country -- what they call the Bailout. What the rest of us call Hardtimes Ahead.

What's really going on? Is this just a warning to the Democrats? Back off. We've got wiretaps on all of you, and we'll use them if you don't let us keep our people in control of the Injustice Department?

Do we have a new Attorney General yet? Will we ever?

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