Friday, December 12, 2008

A Modest Proposal

All the Democrats from the Senate have written and signed some insipid self-righteous letter to the Illinois Governor demanding that he step down because he tried to get rich by selling his influence and power. Ha!

Those suddenly-ethical Democrats in Congress sat relatively silent, or actively lining their own pockets during the past eight years while the white house and Congress, in conjunction with Wall Street, have stolen almost every penny that working Americans have managed to put away; they have been silent as Americans were thrown out of work and their jobs taken overseas, cheered on by Bob Rubin and Bill Clinton as co-sponsors with George W. Bush of the "Throw Americans Out Of Work" organization; they have cheered as the government waged an illegal war they supported and have continued to fund; they either cheered or turned their backs as the government kidnapped, tortured, and murdered perceived enemies; they were silent when learning that Bush had placed illegal wiretaps around the nation (did he get something really juicy on each of them); they didn't care when corporations abandoned pensions; they did nothing to stop (such as by eliminating the write-off or raising taxes to 90%) the looting of businesses by insiders paying themselves billions of dollars in bonuses. When Paulson brought in a ransom note from Wall Street saying "Give Us Every Dollar Of Taxpayer Money Or We'll Blow The Whole Place Up," the Democrats' response to the angry citizenry was "It's a rescue, not a bailout," and their response to Paulson was "Would you like that in ones, tens, or million-dollar bills?"

For all that carnage, pillaging, laying-low of the nation, the Democrats were silent. But now, for some small-time nobody with a big mouth and a bad hairdo, they're suddenly up in arms. Demanding he step down. I don't know if the Democrats in Congress are all just hypocrites, stupid and corrupt, lazy, conniving, manipulative -- it's hard to say. But most of them take money from rich people and businesses and sell their votes, getting rich through their own corruption, and they have no grounds to distinguish themselves from this cheap thug in Illinois.

Therefore, as the foul-mouthed Republicans in Congress demand that the auto unions be disbanded in their entirety, I have a modest proposal: Let's demand concessions from Congress. Let's cut their wages down to what a normal American earns -- about $40,000/year. Let's eliminate their healthcare and pensions. No more taking money from people either -- not for campaigns, not for lunch, no more junkets, no gifts, no jobs for the spouses and useless parasitic kids. No more money for the prostitutes and the special little undies they buy for the pages for those nocturnal visits. Nothing. They get what the average American gets: Not enough money to pay the bills. A kick in the teeth, financially speaking.

After all, they keep telling us that we all have to make concessions. Let's take them at their word.

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