Monday, December 8, 2008

George W. Bush Is Working At A Breakneck Pace To Destroy The Country Before He Leaves Office.

Well, this is strange. George W. Bush is actually working. In the government. Unfortunately, he's devoting his efforts to destroying the country in the few remaining weeks before he leaves office. He is signing orders left and right to authorize corporations to rip up the mountains (coal) and dump poison into the drinking water of millions of Americans (perchlorate). I'll bet the RNC will thank him when they receive the millions of dollars in "donations" from the industries benefitting from these orders. Several industries will be given a complete exemption from having to comply with the clean water act -- meaning they can destroy the drinking water of the nation.

"Coal-fired power plants will no longer be required to install pollution controls or clean up soot and smog pollution." What is the purpose of that other than to destroy the air we breathe, turn control of everything over to corporate polluters, leave Americans to die from bad air.

As for perchlorate, there's a history there.

Perchlorate is found in water, milk, lettuce -- in the majority of states in the U.S., it is an environmental concern. Cause: mostly dumped by defense industries. You know, George's friends. Soon after George W. Bush took office, he began running interference to prevent the continued exposure about the potential health effects of industries dumping perchlorate across our nation. At one point, Bush forbade government employees from discussing it or releasing the results of studies.Instead, industry rushed in because they saw mass toxic tort liability headed their way. And they hired scientists to come up with absurd little stories saying it's good to have them dump toxins into our groundwater. Yeah, sure.

How do we defend ourselves against a government that gives industry the legal right to dump poison in our water? Who do we see about that?

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