Saturday, December 27, 2008

The neocons win: everything is to be sold off to the highest bidder.

Below is a link to a 12/27/08 AP article: "Cash Strapped States Weigh Selling Parks, Roads." To corporations. Better known as "privatizing." Then the citizens will be charged a fee to drive on a road or to see a tree. That was the idea all along. When the Bush Regime took control of this country, their primary objective was to bankrupt the country so that the federal and state governments (and the citizens) would be penniless, unable to fund any social services at all, leaving the people completely at the mercy of the Wall Street Boys and international corporations which would dictate everything that happens. No more "government" with power.

Instead, the Bush Regime and the neoncons want a world in which corporations dictate to the purported president and governors what they will do, and when they will do it. I anticipate minimum wage as well as overtime and workers comp will be eliminated, or at least there will be a major push to accomplish that. How could the corporate world do that? Simple: refuse to loan money within a state, refuse to employ anyone within a state, unless the state government does exactly as instructed. It really doesn't matter if the Republicans are voted out of office so long as Wall Street and the corporations have stolen all the money, looted and pillaged, and left us destitute. Which they have done.

And now the states begin the process of selling off their assets: parks, roads. Schools will be next. You want to walk on the sidewalk? That will cost a dollar. Want to drive on the road to get to work, or to the store? $5.00 each way. The roads will be privately owned as will the parks, the trees, the oceans and lakes, the schools.

People need to tell the state governments to get up off of their knees and fight. Such as, get the state attorney generals to file coordinated lawsuits (since the federal AG does nothing) and sue Wall Street, get back the money that has been stolen from their state pensions and funds, and from the citizens of their states. Get Up In Their Faces.

Tennessee Ernie Ford had a hit a long time ago with a song called "You Load 16 Tons." Great song about coal miners who worked and lived in brutal conditions, lived in company-owned housing and were charged excessive rents, shopped in the only store in town, which was also owned by the same company. At the end of a pay period, the miners often found that the company had deducted everything and then some, so the miners were more in debt every week and had no way out.

You load 16 tons, and what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt.
Saint Peter don't you call me, 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store.

The only way to stop this destruction of our country and selling off of our assets, the things that belong to the people, is to prosecute, seize the money that has been stolen from the people, and throw the Wall Street Boys, the politicians they have bribed, and the CEOs with whom they have conspired, into prison. Take back the money and send these criminals to prison. Otherwise we're looking at a future in which our children and grandchildren will have no freedom, no democracy, no say in the governing of their country, because everything will be as directed by the corporations and the criminals on Wall Street.

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