Friday, November 6, 2009

Guess Who Won The U.S. War Against Iraq? Exxon-Mobil And Shell.

Iraq has the third largest oil reserves in the entire world. In the early 1970s, they nationalized their oil and threw out the western oil corporations which had previously dominated and stolen most of the oil from the middle east.

As soon as the Bush Regime took over the national government, W announced that he had appointed Dick Cheney to head up a national energy task force. In March of 2001, immediately after taking office, and after W claimed to set up this silly "task force," Cheney requested that he be provided maps showing the location of all the oil fields inside Iraq, and set up secret meetings with the heads of the major U.S. oil corporations. What were they planning? To invade Iraq and steal its oil? This is six months before the 9/11 hijackings.

As soon as the terrorists from Saudi Arabia hijacked four airplanes in the U.S. on 9/11/01, the neocons Cheney and Rumsfeld, as well as their entire criminal cartel, immediately began the push to invent a story that it was Iraq who had hijacked the airplanes, and to claim that the U.S. military must invade and occupy Iraq. They lied to the U.N., to the public, manipulated the media including using a reporter from the New York Times to spread these lies, outed CIA agents who got in their way, terrified the public with completely baseless suggestions that Iraq had a nuclear weapon that it was ready to detonate in the U.S. and create the "Mushroom Cloud" that would kill us all.

Then the U.S. attacked Iraq with an opening act right out of a Busby Berkeley movie, called "Shock and Awe," apparently intended to please the Americans back home by a show of how powerful our country is, how willing our leaders were to incinerate babies and grandmothers who never did a thing to hurt anyone.

Everything that the Bush administration told us has been proven to be a lie. Iraq had no involvement in 9/11. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq never threatened the U.S., nor did it have the apparent ability to do anything to harm our country. Iraq did not attack anyone, or threaten to attack anyone. But they do have oil. They have the third largest reserve of oil in the entire world. And the U.S. oil corporations wanted to steal that oil, which they are now doing.

All these years down the road, the only truth that has ever been disclosed is that the U.S. invaded Iraq to steal its oil. We built the billion-dollar embassy and permanent bases around that country because we plan to stay there until the U.S. and our allies have stolen all the oil from Iraq. It was originally estimated that it would take 35 years to suck the oil out of that country, but apparently the oil corporations have come up with an accelerated process, and think they can get it done in 25 years. Note that the Democrats and Obama are just as enthusiastic in supporting the theft of resources from Iraq as were the criminals from the Bush Regime.

Here are some fundamental laws about contracts. In order to have a valid and enforceable contract, you need parties to the contract who have the capacity to enter into the contract. They must, for example, be the actual representatives, legitimate representatives of any nation that they deem to bind by signing the contract. A contract must be entered into freely, without duress. Since the U.S. has occupied Iraq militarily since 2001, and installed a puppet government which represents no one, any contracts entered into between the puppet government and anyone are void and should be rescinded. The U.S. military is pointing a gun at the head of the people of Iraq and telling them to sign contracts giving away all their rights to their own resources, the oil. It's not a contract -- it's an extortion plot being run by a criminal enterprise. The U.S. military is the muscle, the oil corporations are the Godfathers.

A.P. 11/5/09: "A consortium grouping U.S. and European oil giants Exxon Mobil Corp. and Royal Dutch Shell PLC on Thursday signed a $50 billion deal to develop one of Iraq's most prized oil fields, as the OPEC nation looks to revamp its battered energy sector." [NOTE: they call Iraq an "OPEC" nation as if to define Iraq as being part of some powerful consortium that made Americans wait in gas lines 40 years ago. They talk about Iraq wanting this contract to help revamp its "battered energy sector," but fail to mention the fact that the U.S., at the direction of the oil corporations, is who battered the oil fields in the first place, put an embargo on any activity, routinely engaged in flyovers and bombing at random to prevent Iraq from developing and selling its own oil.]

"The deal to develop the 8.6 billion West Qurna Stage 1 field is the third such agreement in less than a week between a foreign oil consortium and Iraq, which sorely needs foreign company expertise and funding to revive an oil sector hammered by years of neglect, sanctions and, most recently sabotage. [They don't need foreign company expertise. They need foreigners to get the heck out of their country. Note the same old theme that those dark-skinned folks in the third world need our "help" in developing their own resources. It's like saying that the Africans need the white European criminal diamond syndicates to "help" "develop" the diamonds of Africa by stealing them from the mines, and killing any African worker who steps out of line. The fact is that the oil corporations have an official policy of failing to hire local people and train them to run the oil business. Do you know why so many foreigners live in Saudi Arabia, in those barricaded Western-style cities, working in the oil industry, while Saudi Arabia has a very high unemployment rate among its educated people? Because the oil corporations do not want the local "natives" to know how to run the business, because if they did, they'd throw the foreigners out].

It's a 20-year contract with the oil corporations having an option to extend it for another 5. The oil corporations will take most of the money from the oil business, and pay the balance in bribes and kick-backs to the puppet government, with probably a few pennies running downhill to the starving Iraqis living in the rubble created by the oil corporations in the first place. What change, Obama?

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