Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Texan Went Postal in 1966. Al Queda In Austin?

More evidence that there is an organized group in Texas known as Al Queda in Texas is provided by the case of Charles Joseph Whitman who, 43 years ago, killed 14 people with a gun (very similar to the 13 killed last week by the Major). Is there something about Texas? In the water? In the politics? In the violence? In the pro-gun ideology of the morons who run it? Or is it Al Queda in Texas?

In August of 1966, Whitman killed his wife and mother then went to the University of Texas at Austin, ascended to a tower and took up position on the observation deck on the 28th floor, from which he began firing his guns and killing people who were walking on the campus. He was shot and killed by the police that same day. He killed 14 and wounded 32. The Major last week killed 13 and wounded 29. Coincidence? Or part of a master plan of Al Queda in Texas?

Don't bother protesting that you have nothing against the people in Texas, or that it never occurred to you that they were "different," not like us, a little off, not to be trusted. I mean for God's sake, just look at Rove and W, then get honest about it. There is something terribly wrong in Texas. I agree with Joe The Worm Lieberman: it must be Al Queda in Texas. Texas, the State that loves guns and the death penalty. And not much else, as it turns out.

Was Whitman a Christian? Did anyone inquire at the time? Did it matter to the dead people?

It did turn out that he had quite a few problems, including having come from a home noted for both physical and psychological abuse, he himself was using speed, he had complained repeatedly about blinding headaches. Turns out he had a brain tumor.

They don't call it the Kansas Chainsaw Massacre, right? It's Texas that's known for the violence. All men in Texas must own a gun, to compensate for their tiny limp dicks. No, that's just a California joke. They claim they own guns to Defend Democracy. But maybe they really own guns because they're all part of Al Queda in Texas.

Texas trained and funded and armed this lunatic Whitman, who also happened to be a Marine by the way. The U.S. today seized the assets of Iran under some vague claim that they "support" terrorists. Well, so does Texas. Why don't we seize the assets of Texas and all the people who live there. I could sure use some of it.

The most important part of the history of Texas to the white people who run that state is The Alamo. The Alamo which, according to the Official Story, which is a lie, consisted of a bunch of Real Men Americans who Stood Up For Democracy and Fought Off The Enemy Invading Armies Of Mexico. Gave Their Lives For Freedom. Yeah, sure they did.

The real story is this. Some white men from the U.S. started going down to Texas and buying up land to run ranches. So far so good. Then they started importing slaves from the U.S. to do their labor. But Mexico had a law that made slavery illegal, so the Mexican government told the U.S. people that they had to get rid of the slaves. Then the Americans decided screw the government of Mexico, we're going to steal all the land and claim it belongs to the United States. So these "heroic" white men who died at the Alamo were actually defending slavery and their own right to steal other people's lands. Doesn't sound quite so heroic when you put it that way. Although the coonskin hats were definitely a cool touch.

They've got a crazy governor who wants Texas to leave the union, become an independent nation. I wonder if Al Queda in Texas is part of the governor's preparations for having his own militia to defend themselves in case any one of the other states try to force them to come back. I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Adios to Al Queda in Texas.


  1. Having been born, but not raised, a Texan, and having returned back to the "star studded" state lo these past fifteen years...I couldn't agree more with your post. My Mexican husband swears they are taking back the state, one mall at a time. My ignorant governor couldn't poor piss out of a boot if the directions were on the bottom. El Paso is the armpit, and Houston is the asshole of this politically irresponsible place. All I have to say is, if Obama had only one of LBJs balls, this country would be in a lot better shape! ;) Keep it up, it rocks.