Wednesday, November 11, 2009

91 Years Ago, The "War To End All Wars" Was Concluded. Well. What Happened?

War consists of the wealthy, property and business owners of one nation sending the children of the working class to kill and be slaughtered by the children of the working class from other nations. Wars are usually conducted in order to steal resources from other nations. For example, the oil companies in the U.S. and in some European nations wanted to steal the oil from the middle east, so the U.S. War Against Iraq was begun, based on lies and deception, with the sons and daughters of the U.S. working class and the poor being sent to the middle east to slaughter, and be slaughtered, by the children of those nations.

Who does not go off to fight in these "glorious" wars? The rich. The children of the rich. The lawyers, the doctors, the CEOs, the wall Street Stock Brokers, the Senators and their children, the Presidents and Vice presidents and their children. The rich. The property owners, the business owners. They do not go off to other countries to be in wars, nor risk so much as getting the tiniest little scratch on their manicured hands. They say that war is glorious, but they know it's brutal, and they use their position and privilege to avoid having to serve.

As for those who are enlisted and sent off to kill or die, their lives are often ruined even if they survive. It is suddenly fashionable to recognize post traumatic stress disorder among the home-coming military people, back from war. But that recognition will be met only with a few coupons for a few sessions with a shrink, to get these young people ready to be sent back again and again to kill or to be slaughtered.

How long did it take for the U.S. military to acknowledge that all the Agent Orange they dumped all over the nation of Vietnam had caused cancer in our veterans and in their families, and birth defects in their children? I think that just happened this year. For the first Gulf War, there is some mystery ailment that is killing and sickening a large percentage of the young people we sent over there to slaughter or be slaughtered. To "defend" the scumbucket people in Kuwait. You know what Kuwait is? It's a chunk of Iraq that England carved off and declared to be "independent," because it's full of oil, and England wanted to steal that oil. So the good citizens of Kuwait are really just traitors to their real countrymen, and live lavish lives stealing the resources of their country, aligning themselves with the Europeans. But the U.S. sent our military people in to "save" the people of Kuwait. For what? Useless traitors, we should have left them to their fate.

We should simply refuse to send our children to fight wars. Or at least refuse unless the front row in combat is always staffed by the stock brokers and CEOs, unless the money of the rich people in this country is seized and used to pay for the war and to compensate those who are injured, unless the country against whom we are fighting has either attacked or threatened to attack us. We need to stop these wars of empire, the neverending wars against everyone, to "defend" democracy in the world. Let someone else do it for a change. Bring the troops home and use the money we have to create jobs for Americans. We're like the drunk at the bar buying rounds on a credit card, when our own families are going hungry. No more war. We need to stop.

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